Poetry selection: A Debt of Gratitude

A debt of gratitude is love unpaid

Or owed but never quite rendered in full;

For cliches said sound empty if not cruel

To families of the dead in graves laid.

A debt of gratitude is a check of blank phrases:

“Thank you!”, “We deeply appreciate it!”,

“They made the supreme sacrifice.” — A writ

To suffer and die so we won’t be in more mazes.

When the cause is hollow or true but filled with dead,

We still feel cheated; no debt of gratitude

Can bring back those killed that keep this country.

The heart and soul feel it, but not the head

As tears and words pour forth our attitude

Of a brave land struggling to be free.

This debt of gratitude can never be fully paid.

Guilt and pain thrust us barefoot to mourn and wade.

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