Police trample gun owners’ rights

If you believe nothing has changed in this country so far as civil rights are concerned, we offer the following item.

OSHKOSH, Wis.—Residents here are boiling mad after an incident a week ago in which an Oshkosh police officer was wounded. The Oshkosh Police Department’s SWAT team came running in response to the shooting, bringing a K-9 unit to chase the perpetrator, who was thought to have fled on foot.

But police actions went far beyond normal procedure in this case. SWAT team members burst into homes, intimidating citizens, and confiscated their guns. Homes were searched. Police said the weapons would be returned after ballistics testing ruled out those not involved in the shooting. News media said the wounded officer did not have a life-threatening injury.

“The message is: Hand over your guns, now!” said Corey Graff, executive director of Wisconsin Gun Owners Inc. “This is a blatant case of guilty-until-proven-innocent and an abuse of police power.”

The entire episode has left residents angry over their homes being invaded and their property taken. They see it as theft. Early reports said warrants were issued for the search of two homes, but many more homes were searched and weapons seized.

“We want the perpetrator of this crime caught and brought to justice just like everyone else,” Graff said, “but that doesn’t mean the police should trample citizens’ Fourth Amendment protections, steal lawful private property and enter the home without reasonable suspicion or warrant.”

One homeowner said police took his guns even though the weapons were locked up since last hunting season. Another victim of the intrusions–an elderly woman–said she was awakened in the early morning hours by officers searching her home.

Source: Wisconsin Gun Owners.org.

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