Police warn of local scam—fake emergency

The Rockford Police Department has been receiving numerous complaints from citizens throughout the city on a scam that is being perpetrated against city residents. The Rockford Police Department would like to provide area residents with the details of these incidents and descriptions of the suspects, to prevent them from becoming victims of this scam.

In the reported incidents, citizens, many of whom are senior citizens, are approached by a person who claims to be from the neighorhood or claims to have lived in the neighborhood in the past. The suspect may also claim to be related to a neighbor or other person from the neighborhood. The suspect then describes an illness, injury, or other tragedy that they have been confronted with involving another family member. The suspect may explain that a family member has been involved in a car accident or has been diagnosed with a serious illness. The suspect then explains that because of transportation complications, they are having difficulty getting to the ill or injured party who is at the hospital. They may say their car is out of gas, having other mechanical problems, or that their car has been towed. They then request money, usually between $10-$40, to retrieve the car from the tow company or purchase gasoline. They may even claim the money is for cab or bus fare.

Suspects in this scam have been described as follows:

1. White male, middle-aged, approximately 5’10" tall, wearing glasses.

2. White male, early 20s with short light, brown hair, 5’9" tall and approximately 160 pounds.

3. White female in her 20s or 30s.

If you encounter any of these suspects, please contact the Rockford Police Department at 987-5800.

Questions shuld be referred to Sgt. Michael Booker, Community Services, at 987-5041.

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