Police warn of new scam

The Rockford Police Department would like the citizens of Rockford to be aware of several different groups who have been perpetrating frauds and scams on Rockford residents, particularly senior citizens. Several of these scams involve the citizen’s bank account numbers.

Citizens are being approached by strangers, some with strong foreign accents, who are seeking banking advice or demonstrations in banking procedures. Others are claiming to be seeking partners with bank accounts to split lottery winnings. Citizens should never give out personal account information to anyone, particularly over the telephone. All banking questions should be directed to bank personnel.

Other scams involve suspects who approach residents about needing money for car repairs, towing or gas money to reach injured or hospitalized family members who have been involved in traffic accidents. These suspects may claim to be a new neighbor from down the street or an old neighbor who used to live in the neighborhood. Many times, the suspect will have obtained the resident’s name from the mailbox prior to knocking.

Citizens should also be cautious about leaving purses unattended in shopping carts or other public places such as restaurants and bookstores.

Questions about these scams should be referred to Sgt. Bruce Scott of the Rockford Police Department Fraud and Forgery Unit at 987-5873.

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