Pressure: Perryville vote delayed

Pressure: Perryville vote delayed

By Shelie Berg

By Shellie Berg

Staff Reporter

On Thursday, the Winnebago County Board voted 10-12 to postpone the Perryville vote until the March 8 meeting, after leery board members asked for more time to examine alternatives.

Proponents planned to thrust the vote through on extending the road, which now ends at 173, to Belvidere Road.

Opponents insist that funding the $34 million extension using the Capital Improvement Plan or any other taxpayer money for the project, will undermine the fair evaluation of the alternatives devised.

Roscoe Township Supervisor Tom Hawes and county board members Charlie Hollerith (R-2) and Larry Bauer (R-2) made their alternatives public two weeks ago. The county still has failed to respond.

Sue McDonald (R-1) wanted the board to vote on the measure that night. “We need to start making decisions so the people know just what the plan is … so we can put people’s minds at ease,” she said.

Pete MacKay (R-5) indicated he would rather see the plan simply collapse. “In my opinion, the board should just drop this thing and keep 173 where it is now,” he said.

The City of South Beloit will also submit a road planning recommendation to the board pending the completion of the commission’s report.

The large question remains: Will the state pony up any money for any routes, or will Winnebago County taxpayers pay alone?

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