Push on for untraceable

Push on for untraceable

By Joe Baker

By Joe Baker

Senior Editor

Victoria Collier, daughter of one of the vote fraud investigators who wrote the book Votescam: the Stealing of America, has been keeping a close watch on the Florida election debacle. The Rock River Times spoke with her by telephone.

TRRT: What do you make of the Florida situation?

COLLIER: It seems like no matter what comes out, what we will see is a push for computerized voting. We’re already seeing it. The networks and others say we should have a computerized voting system to get rid of ballots and eliminate human error. That’s not the case. It only makes elections more riggable. These machines can be accessed by satellite and cell phone. The ones we’ve got now can be manipulated by modem. I believe the chaos in Florida will be used to establish computerized systems.

TRRT: What happened to Voter News Service? How did they happen to miscall Florida? Has there been a split between the media group and the big money group?

COLLIER: I can only speculate. On election night, I first thought Voter News Service was going to give it to Gore. Then when Bush came forward and claimed he could produce the vote, I thought—Aha! He’s got his brother Jeb down there. I thought they planned to manipulate the Electoral College. Now I’m hearing it was staged from the beginning, but I haven’t seen any evidence. Voter News Service didn’t screw up any more than before. VNS has been around since 1990. There’s a reason it’s being exposed for the first time. They’re still not being honest about who they are and what they do. It’s possible they (the powers that be) are going to sacrifice Voter News Service.

TRRT: With all the uproar over chad and whatnot in Florida is there any way to know if they are counting the original ballots?

COLLIER: I don’t see how. The ballots could have been manipulated in several ways. The people who have access to the ballots are not to be trusted. David Leahy is still there. He was in charge 30 years ago when my dad and his brother videotaped League of Women Voters members removing chad from ballots. The same people are pulling the strings. I’ve been told nine ballot boxes disappeared for four hours. Ballot boxes are turning up in all sorts of places, and that’s all across the country.

TRRT: Some congressmen plan hearings on different aspects of the election, including the networks’ role. Rep. Billy Touzin of Louisiana intends to hold hearings on Voter News Service. What’s the likelihood of you testifying?

COLLIER: I have contacted his offices, and several hundred others have contacted him on my behalf, but I haven’t heard anything. He seems to be concentrating on exit polls and projections, which is a small part of it.

TRRT: What has been the reaction to the revelations contained in the Votescam book?

COLLIER: It has been 99.9 percent positive. I’m really amazed at the lack of angry or hateful e-mails. We’ve never been sued. All the evidence in the book is FBI-documented. Our website has been hacked, and it was shut down for 24 hours on election night, but it is still there. All we can do is educate people. We’ve got to keep on telling the truth. This election really did wake a lot of people up. Unfortunately, we’re going to have to fight this disinformation campaign being waged by the networks.

Their objective is Internet voting. Which is completely unaccountable.

Otherwise, we will continue to have these establishment guys (candidates). Those will be our choices. The networks are going to continue with the charade that the nation is split 50/50. That way, you can’t say the election can be swung. Whoever gets in will push the agenda of those who are behind this election.

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