QuickScores.com adds two Illinois park districts to their online service for sports league scheduling

OREGON/BYRON—The Oregon and Byron park districts are now using QuickScores.com, the online service that makes it easy to schedule and reschedule games and keep players, coaches, parents, and others informed.

The two districts joined the rapidly-growing roster of QuickScores.com clients, representing all types of sports and league types, from college interscholastic to city recreation departments, YMCAs and intramural leagues. All have made the change from elaborate paper-based systems to simple scheduling and announcement posting online.

“ QuickScores.com has provided me with the capability to schedule all eight levels of baseball, adult volleyball, and softball at a much faster rate,” said Tim Krehl, athletic coordinator for the Oregon Park District. “I expect to use QuickScores for every athletic event in the Oregon Park District. In addition to the reduction of time it takes per level of scheduling, there is also a reduced need for people to contact me directly.”

Ray Bielskis, superintendent of recreation for Byron Park District, said he first started using QuickScores for girls’ basketball, then expanded it to all sports in the organization.

“It has really exceeded my expectations,” Bielskis said of QuickScores. “Currently, I’m using QuickScores for 18 leagues with more than 200 teams involved. I plan to expand our use of it so all leagues can utilize the online service. “

As a service, QuickScores.combrings unparalleled convenience and accessibility to sports league scheduling and the task of keeping players, coaches, parent, and others informed. In addition to scheduling and announcements on a customized Web site, league directors can reschedule weather-postponed games easily, make rules and forms available for download, use the service to e-mail coaches, and provide maps to athletic facilities. The service costs just $5 per team per season.

Bielskis added that the benefits of QuickScores are the efficient communication aspects for coaches and parents, the low per-team fee, and the ease of scheduling and posting information for each team in the league. The Oregon Park District’s customized Web site address is www.quickscores.com/oregonil, and Byron’s is www.quickscores.com/byron.

About QuickScores.com

QuickScores.com is an online service that includes sophisticated scheduling software, enabling league organizers to schedule and reschedule games, post standings, announce scores, and make league documents available for downloading. It can be used for any sport with a schedule in which one team plays another on a regular basis, such as handball, volleyball, lacrosse, dodgeball, tennis, squash, and inline hockey, in addition to the most popular sports such as softball, soccer, football and basketball. The service, based in Richardson, Texas, is accessible at QuickScores.com.

From the June 28-July 4, 2006, issue

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