Ramblings from Reggie: A week ripe for the picking

This week was just too ripe for political junkies like me to not go off on. So let’s get started.

If I lived in the Harlem School District, I would sue the administration involved and the board if they passed the at least 18 percent increase to teachers over the next three years. Also, when they passed the contract for support workers, they told them they would get paid for time off because of the teachers’ strike. Who does this? Not good stewards of your money.

I wouldn’t sue for any personal monetary gain. I would sue to have all the people involved removed from their jobs or off the board for not protecting the taxpayers’ interest.

I saw a teacher say that there was a surplus in the Harlem fund and they wanted it. IT’S NOT YOUR MONEY. It should be refunded to the taxpayers. Everyone that paid school taxes gets a check like Jesse Ventura did in Minnesota with a surplus.

Al Gore, your 15 minutes are up. Go away, and stay under whatever rock you choose to hide under. Mary Ann Gilder a medical student at Albany Medical College, dissected An Inconvenient Truth fact by fact. She wrote a great paper about it. Check it out at oism.org/pproject. I said before, Al, the only inconvenient truth is you were almost our president.

I am really no expert on the workings of China, but read the book by Robyn Meredeth called The Rise of India and China and What It Means to All of Us.

I’m tired of hearing China is taking all of our jobs. Typical American excuse for why we can’t get jobs. The reason we can’t get jobs is that too many of us aren’t educated, use drugs, are alcoholics, or won’t take an entry-level job and work their way up. There are too many 20-something’s who are sitting around and playing video games and mooching off their parents. That is going to bite the economy in the derriere when the boomers start retiring. Those are my thoughts, not Robyn’s.

Good luck to Rockford Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Dennis Thompson. He has had a stellar career, and deserves to do what he wants and earn what he earns. He was a great leader in Rockford, and we are a better community because he was here.

Ceasefire needs to change their name to cease operations and go away. What a waste of taxpayer money. Our beloved governor and I actually agree on this.

Speaking of Blago, he finally did a service to the state and cut $463 million in pork. Albeit not for the right reasons, he still saved taxpayers the money. If he tries to insert $500 million for health care without legislative approval, he should go straight to jail.

The fight against the city about flooding in Rockford seems silly and selfish now, doesn’t it? The entire Midwest is devastated by flooding with hundreds of thousands of people affected. Mother Nature is our main enemy, but we have responsibility as citizens also. We need to stop buying homes in swamps. There was nothing built in these areas for 100 years for a reason! Also, we need to hold the federal and state governments responsible for not protecting us citizens. Quit wasting money, and fix our infrastructure. Bridges collapsing, power grids going down, roads not getting repaired, building where we shouldn’t, on and on. That’s what government is supposed to do.

Hey, Mike Leifheit, let me know when your guest writers are going to review restaurants, and we’ll hook them up. I hate to be excluded from an article about great bar food. I think we rate right there with anyone. We are a pub with pub food!

Come on downtown; enjoy all it has to offer. Especially GO TO CHURCH and Mulberry. We are now into regular hours from Labor Day to Memorial Day, open seven days a week with food served every day. Don’t forget to gather your friends and spend Sundays watching your favorite NFL games on our big screens.

Reggie Roberson is owner of Swilligan’s “The Pub,” 200 N. Church St.

from the Aug. 29-Sept. 4, 2007, issue

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