Ramblings from Reggie: Alderman wants you to turn down stereo

Rockford Ald. Ann Thompson (D-7) wants to impound your car if your stereo is too loud. Another example of government against the people instead of government by the people. Big, bad alderman stealing our property is not what the founding fathers had in mind.

Congrats to Bob O’ Brien for another coup at the airport. He continues to focus on his business and make the airport an economic stimulus for the region.

The U.S. Congress is trying to pass a children’s health care package for $35 billion, financed through higher tobacco taxes. They must be completely unaware that states are passing no-smoking bans in bunches. A couple of states are thinking about reversing the smoking bans because revenues are too low now.

The whole postal debate is silly. Cut mail down to three days a week and downsize the U.S. Post Office over the next 10 years by attrition. We do not need mail six days a week. Better yet, sell the Post Office to the highest bidder.

Allegedly, NBA refs betting on basketball, NFL quarterbacks involved in dog fighting…are we going to get tired of the billions of dollars sports is handing over to pinheads? I know I am. I am getting to the point where I want all of the bad seeds out of sports. It is our money being sent to these jerks. We buy memorabilia, sports packages, watch them on television, go to games and buy products at games. If I were the commissioner of a major sport, I would tell the union we will no longer pay more than $2 million for any player in one year, and cut the salary cap by a third once the bargained agreement is over. I would offset the unions’ screams by going to the fans and telling them we are reducing prices, etc., to protect the game from getting away from the fans. It seems the masses don’t care about the NHL or the NBA anymore.

Kudos to Winnebago County Board Chairman Scott Christiansen (R) for picking a candidate who he feels will be a difference-maker in the State’s Attorney office. Chuck Prorok is a good guy and qualified, but the chairman said he had the opportunity to change as the No. 2 guy. I’m sure Chuck would argue that, but at least Christiansen didn’t take the easy way. I like a lot of what Christiansen does, but the jail tax has to be corrected. Any change is a welcome change in this position.

Elections and participation by young people are going to change, maybe as soon as 2008. The CNN/You Tube marriage is the iceberg of a changing climate. The Republicans and Democrats are fighting and selling their souls for the Hispanic vote. They ought to be worrying about how to get the 18- to 30-year-olds who traditionally have a low registration and voting record. This will be problematic for the Republicans, who have never catered to the “naturally” liberal younger age group. They say if you are young and are a Republican, you have no heart; if you’re old and a Democrat, you have no money.

As of this writing, the Yankees are only four games out of the Wild Card and seven out of the division. They seem to not suck right now. The Cubs are positioning themselves for a good year. The Brewers are too young to hold a lead for months; the Cubs are in the best position. Stay a couple of games out until September, then make the move hard. It’s like NASCAR—draft until the final lap, and all the pressure is on the front runner.

Remember, when you come downtown, there are many fine retailers here for you. The women in Rockford who don’t check out the cool salons downtown are missing some cutting-edge stuff that includes Salon 1300 in the near-downtown area. The owners of these shops have terrific offerings. Take your own “retail” notes when you are downtown for the Waterfront and make it a point to shop these folks—you are the one who will benefit from a paradigm shift!

Karaoke on Wednesdays and Saturdays, live music Thursdays, big TVs, great food, and fun is what we offer at Swilligan’s. GO TO CHURCH and Mulberry for dinner and cocktails, and stop by our downtown friends while you’re here. The bridges are open, clean and safe…come on down!

Reggie Roberson is owner of Swilligan’s “The Pub,” 200 N. Church St.

from the Aug 1-7, 2007, issue

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