Ramblings from Reggie: Cubs giving fans something to cheer about

Cubs win! Cubs win!

The race is on! The Cubs fans are jacked up and ready for the next two months of “playoffs.” They are in them, and the stress of the chase will be too much for the young Brewers. Guys like Alfonso Soriano, Aramis Ramirez and, certainly, “Sweet Lou” Piniella will keep the Cubs’ heads focused.

Swilligans’s The Pub is giving away a $20 gift card and a grand prize at the end of the season for people coming down and watching the game. Ask a bartender for details. More than $1,400 in prizes are being given away.

Please, say it isn’t so! Dr. Dennis Thompson, please don’t leave. Take two more years to make sure your vision is implemented, then we can forgive you for wanting the next challenge. The schools simply aren’t far enough into your program to turn them over.

I’m starting to believe our governor has lost complete sense of reality, even maybe on the brink of a meltdown. The legislature only requires three people to pass a budget these days, but he can’t even get a consensus from three Democrats because of his blind, unrealistic ambitions. He’s acting like a spoiled kid who blew his big aspirations of being president, so he’s not letting the other kids play with his (perceived) toys.

Speaking of wannabes, U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., decided if he were the Commander in Chief, he would invade Pakistan without permission. Wow!!! Now there’s a man not ready to be president, nor will he ever be.

I’ve heard two new great jokes that have been making the rounds recently. One from David Letterman—it’s so hot out, I’m sweating like a poodle out at Michael Vick’s house. The other one is—Chelsea Clinton was in Iraq interviewing the troops about what scared them the most. They said, “Osama, Obama and your momma.” Two new comedy classics!

Not sure “coppergate” is going away. The people are not happy that city employees are not fired and/or prosecuted for theft. Ironically, in Friday’s daily there was a story of two young people who were caught doing the same thing, and they went straight to jail. How many eyebrows were raised over that?

So far, I’ve heard $85-$195 billion estimates to repair all the distressed bridges in the country. Congress should fund that immediately over the next five years to get our infrastructure sound, or at least a part of it. People ask, “How can this happen in America?”Let’s not be naïve—they still have done nothing to solve the East Coast blackout problem from five or six years ago. Politicians are playing politics with our money instead of protecting our interests.

It’s August, and people are tired of being hot and sweaty. Well, thankfully, we have a solution. Bud Light draughts for $1.50, and Fat Tire, Guiness, Blue Moon, Goose Island and Harp draughts for $2.50. No gimmicks, no short glasses, no plastic glasses. We also are featuring $2.75 margaritas and $3.95 cheeseburgers all month. Come on down, catch a Cubs or Yankees game (or anyone else), and enjoy downtown. You’ll be surprised. Don’t forget, in the fall we’ll be giving away a $50 Swilligan’s gift certificate each Sunday for people wearing their team colors and watching the NFL DirecTV Direct Ticket at Swilly’s.

Go to Church and Mulberry, the bridges won’t fall on you!

Reggie Roberson is owner of Swilligan’s “The Pub,” 200 N. Church St.

from the Aug 8-14, 2007, issue

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