Ramblings from Reggie: Governments are out of control with taxes

Why do we even have state legislators? They finally pass a budget, and Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D) and Senate President Emil Jones (D-14) ignore the budget and put in their agenda. Only in Illinois! We need a recall bill zoomed through the Illinois House and Senate immediately, with a veto override majority behind it. This governor is out of control.

Speaking of idiots from Chicago, and I was, the City Council wants to put a 25-cent tax on each bottle of water bought in the city to make up for a $218 million deficit. Governments just pick and choose more and more ways to raise taxes. They are out of control. Remember President Bill Clinton (D) wanted a snack food tax? America was formed starting with the Boston Tea Party to protest high taxes placed on us from the oppressive English king. My, how things have come full circle!

Back to our king…Blago gave all the state employees a 9.6 percent pay raise on his own. Once again, how can two or three people run our state?

I feel really bad for the flood victims, but if you win a lawsuit against the government—whether the city, state or feds—it is still the people paying for it. Remember, you are suing the people—the government officials aren’t going to write you checks. I don’t feel I should have to pay more taxes because you live in a flood zone. It comes down to personal responsibility. As I have written before, governments need to get the business of the people done, but only the lawyers will win in these types of lawsuits.

The Cubs are struggling without Alfonso Soriano, but if they can stay within three or four games by September, they will be OK. The Cardinals are looming, and will probably be there fighting at the end of the year. I don’t believe the Brewers can hang on. Hey, Carlos Zambrano, take a pill before you explode!

We’re all looking forward to On the Waterfront. Swilligan’s will have some cool promotions going on. Thursday, Aug. 30, will be Tommypalooza. We’ll have the Cubs/Brewers game on, and someone will walk away with an authentic jersey from one of those teams.

Did anyone besides me watch John from Cincinnati on HBO? I liked it, and was shocked HBO pulled the plug. It was different and funny. I watch very few shows, and it seems like the ones I like don’t last. Maybe my tastes are screwed up.

If you like Jimmy Buffett or just like to have a blast, come out to Shooters in Loves Park Aug. 25 for the Best Cheeseburger in Paradise Contest for the Northern Illinois Food Bank. They drafted me to be one of the judges—I think because I look like I ate too many cheeseburgers, but who cares? The Pirates Over 40 will be there playing at noon—gates open at 11 a.m.

Remember, GO TO CHURCH and Mulberry, and enjoy the downtown. The bridges won’t fall, the water is low, and we’re here for you. Visit www.myspace/swilliganspub.

Reggie Roberson is owner of Swilligan’s “The Pub,” 200 N. Church St.

from the Aug. 22-28, 2007, issue

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