Ramblings from Reggie: Kudos to Paragon owner, and hats off to those in medical field

Kudos for Paragon owner Mary Olson writing and the daily printing her column concerning a recent downtown incident. It’s nice to see all sides of the story out there. I think Mary did a great job with that piece.

FEMA wants to buy 171 homes that are in the hurricane-devastated area on the Gulf Coast. That’s insane. What happened to personal responsibility? If you want to risk a few hundred thousand or million to have an ocean view, have at it. Why would we bail them out? Rockford wants $10 million to buy houses, and DeKalb wants $10 million to move a trailer park. It’s a waste of our taxes.

I would like to see the mayor call a news conference and tell the city that we are under siege, but it will be taken care of shortly. Someone is getting shot every day while the police and their bosses are bickering. Do you think the thugs sense weakness? I do.

Bears fans received an early Christmas present from the Packers—five turnovers. Brett Favre being Favre, and a new head coach puckering up the old sphincter. Consider that win a gift.

The Yankees looked like a heartless machine while the young Indians played baseball and kicked their butts. Bye Joe Torre, bye Alex Rodriguez—or should I say, the best regular-season player ever. Sorry, A-Rod, we always play in the postseason. We also need hits there. Torre, you look like you’re taking a nap. Well, go away and have a long one.

Al Gore won a Nobel Peace Prize. That has to burn Bill Clinton. He did everything he could to get one with Israel/Palestine. I hope Al jumps into the race to screw up Hillary’s momentum. But I don’t think even Al is that dumb. Well, actually, I do think he’s that dumb, but he won’t run. Is he still beholden to the Clintons?

We just set a record high for a day. The old record was 138 years ago. It seems like our entire weather pattern is going back to 100-year-old milestones. Perhaps that’s the way Earth operates. Global warming is all about political and monetary agendas that continue to build momentum for the wrong reasons.

I have a brother who has been very sick the last 10-plus years. As I write this column, he may not make it through the next few days. I am bringing up this subject for three reasons. The first reason is to let people know there is health care available in our great country for people with no resources. My brother worked as a bagger at a local grocery store for 21 years for less than today’s minimum wage. He has had a transplant (kidney and pancreas) at University of Wisconsin Hospital in Madison, and been treated hundreds of times with various diabetic-related illnesses. The “system” literally has spent millions on him trying to keep him healthy and alive. I am conflicted to hear that people don’t have health care.

The second reason I am bringing this up is this: except for one doctor, my brother has had dozens of doctors, nurses, techs and so on, and they are all awesome. My hat’s off to all of the people in the medical profession. They always treated him with dignity, and they were caring and humane. Thanks to all the folks who have helped Rod in the last few years.

The third reason is humbling: I can’t help him, and, generally, it’s my job to help people. It’s difficult to sit and watch someone you love deteriorate. My brother helped everyone he could with kind gestures. He never had any money, but he would mow your lawn or shovel your drive when he was healthy, if you needed help. He has many people who will remember his kindness, and I think that’s a legacy he will be proud of.

Reggie Roberson is owner of Swilligan’s “The Pub,” 200 N. Church St.

from the Oct. 17-23, 2007, issue

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