Ramblings from Reggie: Looking for a cook who can take direction

Cook wanted full-time at Swilligan’s.

The one thing I learned in this business is I will always be looking for a cook. Cooks are an interesting bunch. They are temperamental like great artists. I just need one who can show up and take direction and cash his/her check once a week. Doesn’t seem that difficult, but maybe there’s something I’m missing. We call them by numbers now. We are looking for No. 12 since Oct. 1.

I was sitting back in the Pub one day last week, and I saw a guy sitting at the bar and eating. I thought to myself, that guy looks just like Frank Schier. Lo and behold, it was the new Frank—sans the beard. A beard becomes like an old friend, and Frank had his for years. He says he wanted to see what he looks like.

I’m in the middle of a book called God is not Great. It is an interesting read, written by a world-famous intellectual who is an atheist. I must say I am not an atheist, but this is an interesting book, and it really makes you remember how religious people manipulate the world in the name of their belief. I am sure some will condemn me for even reading such a book with such a title written by such a man, but read it. No matter where your faith lies, it does open your eyes to what’s going on around the world in the name of religion.

Cook wanted full-time at Swilligan’s (sorry, couldn’t help it).

The problem with the New York Yankees is the problem with all sports. Their players make so much money, their priorities are not getting hurt and relaxing until their next big payday is due (next contract). The Yankees are exposed because most of their roster is loaded with these types. A-Rod will probably go down as one of the best of all-time stat-wise, but he is soft when it matters and does some really dumb things on the field. Jeter and Posada are old-school studs, but the rest of the roster can go away as far as I’m concerned. The other problem is lack of leadership. Joe Torre is a nice man who led us to four world titles, but he has become too soft. Too bad we didn’t get Lou Piniella. This team would be unstoppable with him in the dugout. Oh, well, we always have the Packers and their Super Bowl season coming up!

I have to say, the fireworks were impressive again this year. Joe Marino indicated they will have to be moved again next year. I hope nobody is considering moving them from downtown. It was nice to see downtown packed all day.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Andy Gannon and Kyle from ESPN 1380 the last few weeks during the Raptors coaches’ show. What a couple of pros. Of course, Andy has been around for 100 or so years doing local broadcasts, but Kyle can hold his own with Andy, and that’s not an easy task. Come on down to Swilligan’s for the last couple of broadcasts. We’ll be there until the Raptors win the championship.

What a mess in Springfield. No words can explain it, except to say throw them all out of office.

Continue enjoying your summer, but remember Swilligan’s The Pub for all your NFL action in the fall. There are only two to three weeks where the Bears and Packers play at the same time. Gather the neighbors, co-workers, visitors, pizza delivery dude, whoever and bring them downtown. All the bridges are open, and we’re here for you. Remember, GO TO CHURCH and Mulberry and stop into Swilligan’s.

Reggie Roberson is owner of Swilligan’s “The Pub,” 200 N. Church St.

from the July 11-17, 2007, issue

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