Ramblings from Reggie: Time for voters to wake up

Here we go. Governments sure seize opportunities quickly. The City of Rockford puts their cards on the table for property tax relief, if we vote for the sales tax increase.

True on its own merit. The problem is, our taxes never go down. Now, the museums want to raise the tax levy for them from 7 percent to 15 percent because Chicago gets that much.

See, this is how it works: the city finally wants to provide tax relief, while other governments find ways to raise our taxes. We, the citizens, never get relief; it just keeps going up and up. That’s why we need to start paying attention, folks. We’re being had. It’s too bad they found a normally conservative Republican to push this bill. It doesn’t sound conservative or Republican-like to me. Do you even think of the museums as a government agency? If not, why are we funding them like one?

I have been listening a lot to talk radio lately, and I am always amused when there is a hot topic in the community like the 1 percentage point sales tax increase. It is a shame how we become polarized on the side we choose, and we fight the fight until the election.

It seems, however, that the fight should go on well beyond elections. The fight must go on every day. There are a lot of great points brought out because of this referendum. The best point I heard this week was this: We have to have this referendum because we don’t get our share back from the motor vehicle tax.

That’s true, so why did we vote for the same governor who has robbed from us? My point is, we are losing the battle with governments every day. Keep your focus on all of them, and let’s continue to educate ourselves and take control back.

When we talk to the politicians, begin your conversation by reminding them it is government by the people, for the people. There seems to be a disconnect. I think we don’t understand that.

Ken DeCoster made a statement on WNTA that he didn’t think we could ever have a metro government because everyone starts protecting their turf. He is correct. But the problem is, who’s protecting the taxpayers? Why are politicians protecting turfs? Who do they work for?

Some old business needs to be cleaned up. I met the horse and buggy man. Very nice and inexpensive. Ten dollars per person will get you a half-hour downtown tour. Wow, that’s a bargain. Is there a better way to re-acclimate yourselves to downtown than a romantic buggy ride for a half hour, then a glass of wine or a martini at Swilligan’s, Krypto, Paragon On State, Octane, or any of the other great downtown establishments? Call Elite Carriages of Rockford at 815-229-6231 or visit their Web site at elitecarriages.com.

Good luck to the IceHogs organization for the Colonial Cup run. We would love to see a championship brought to Rockford, and I think we have the horses to do it. No pun intended! Good luck, men! We all want to see Dr. T sing “We Are the Champions” at the party!

Reggie Roberson is owner of Swilligan’s “The Pub,” 200 N. Church St.

from the April 11-17, 2007, issue

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