RAMI Awards recognizes the best in the scene

RAMI Awards recognizes the best in the scene

By Molly Fleming, Staff Writer

Since 1991, when the RAMI Awards first premiered, the term has become a common reference among area musicians as the recognition for serious bands and performing artists. The 12th year in running, the 2003 RAMIs, Thursday, April 17, recognized this year’s recipients in the same style as always, with proper dues and appreciation. Organized by Howard Hall (of Dr. DeciBel) and Sharon Hall (of Illinois College of Medicine), the ceremony went off as well as usual this year at the Tebala Shrine Temple. Performances by Big Daddy Woo Woo’s Funk Revival, Cardenas III Generacion, 420, Jerusalem Baptist Choir, Jasmine Howell, Ladies of Jazz, Saya Cong O’Hara and Silver Creek with Dan Pitney graced the ceremony with live recognition for musical work.

And the winners are…

Harmony Riley – New Rock

Agent Zero – Hard Rock/Metal

Acoustic Millennium Band – Acoustic Rock

Toad Soup – Oldies

Clutch Cargo – Classic Rock

Magnum Opus – Punk/Ska

Orange – Jam Band

Adrien Rivera – Rap/Hip Hop

DJ Justin – DJ

Jonathan Kuss and The Corporation – New Act

Robin Banks – RAMI for Pop/Retro

Ron Rainwater – Folk/ Solo Pop

Thunder Heart – Country/Bluegrass

Blues Hawks – Blues

Big Daddy Woo Woo’s Funk Revival – Funk/R&B Dan Voll’s Combo Loco – Contemporary Jazz

Cardenas III Generacion – Latino

Anavox – Contemporary Christian.

Jodi Beach Trio – Traditional Jazz.

New Royal Travelers – Gospel.

City of Rockford Pipe Band – World Music

Becky Asher – Classical Instrumentalist

Rockford Area Youth Symphony – Classical Ensemble.

River City Sound Chorus – Choral Group.

Andy Fiduccia – Lighting Technician

Joel Geist and Dwayne Barker (tie) – Studio Sound Engineer.

Chris Mentzel – Live Sound Engineer

Chip Messinger – Stage Manager

Luciana – Composer

Studio Zoom – Recording Studio

Rockford Symphony Orchestra – Musical Outreach Organization

Dorothy Paige Turner – Lifetime Acheivement

“My Song is You,” by Jodi Beach and “Jalisaca’s Lament” by Cozmic Donkey nabbed (in a tie) the Song of the Year Award. Beach’s trio can be caught at Cliffbreakers’ Martini Room every Friday night, and Cozmic Donkey plays at almost every bar or venue in this town, especially Mary’s Place. Check the music calendar. Which reminds me, when will there be a RAMI for the best music venue in town? My vote would go to either Big Cities for their versatility in selection, or Kryptonite for being the one club in town able to snatch up international acts while promoting the local scene.

Hours and Ours by Ken Curtis and Plus Tax (Joel Geist & Jimmy Johnson, engineers; and Rick Pemberton, producer) received the Album of the Year Award, while Harlan Jefferson and Studio “B” Digital Recording were announced as the new Hall of Fame Inductees. E. Faye Butler, Stephen Powers and The Phantom Regiment were awarded for Outstanding Achievement. TRRT boss-man Frank Schier was recognized by the Critic’s Choice for Community Service as “partial atonement” for not accrediting him earlier, since he stepped down from the committee as co-founder of the RAMI awards. Pete “Satchmo” Gianquinto, also known as “Quinto,” won the Lifetime Achievement Award for his dedication to the performance and promotion of local music.

The 2003 scholarship winner was Karen Craig, a senior at Guilford High School who plans on becoming a high school orchestra director. The 2003 AM Music Scholarship was awarded to Kristen Richards, a senior at Lutheran High School who plays the piano and oboe. She intends on using the money received to attend Northern Illinois School of Music.

As always, there were some groups in town that somehow didn’t receive the vote count they should have had. Perhaps next time around, more people can submit their ballots and actually make an attempt to support the scene. Regardless, not a single winner recognized at the ceremony didn’t deserve their award, and The Rock River Times would like to congratulate every RAMI Award winner for their dedication and hard work in the local music scene. Good, job everyone, keep it coming!

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