Random Bits

Random Bits

By Richard Heller

Random Bits

Exit stage left—Napster. Enter stage right—Morpheus. Napster showed us how easy it was to share music over the Internet. Morpheus enables you to share music, photos, movies and files. In fact, almost anything that can be saved on your PC can be shared with anyone else running the Morpheus software. All you do is to enter in the name of the item that you are looking for, click on the search button, and a few seconds later, you will see a list of all the computers that have the item available. Click on the item and tell it to start the download, and soon you, too, will have the item on your computer. You can set your computer up to share specific files with others and only let them access what you want them to. You can download the software from www.musiccity.com.

What do you do when your e-mail box is letter-bombed, that is, someone has decided to send hundreds of e-mails to you, screwing up your e-mail box? If you are using Outlook, you should make changes to your setup so that you do not automatically check for e-mail when you start the program. The second thing to do is to set the program options so that the e-mail remains on the server until you tell it to download to your computer. You can still preview the message, but you won’t have to wait for 800 messages to be transferred to your computer. The last thing that you should do is to contact the offender’s Internet provider and report what he has done. DO NOT contact the sender. They will probably suspend his service, meaning that he will have to find another Internet provider.

Earthlink has purchased Cidco, the company that makes the Mailstation line of e-mail appliances. Considering that the Cidco stock was only selling for 31 cents a share, they probably used aluminum cans to pay for the transaction.

Excite@Home has filed for bankruptcy, and AT&T has made an offer to buy it. At the same time, AT&T has discontinued wireless Internet access. Nothing like investing in a company that has lost millions upon millions of dollars selling high-speed Internet access.

AOL has released version 7.0 of their software to coincide with the release of Windows XP. Remember a couple of weeks ago when I reported that if you bought XP, you will probably have to update your other software? AOL 6.0 was only released a few months ago.

Speaking of XP, the minimum specifications that Microsoft calls for in order to install the operating system is a Pentium II processor running 233 MHz, 64 MB of memory, and 1.5 GB of hard drive space. They are recommending a 300 MHz computer with 128 MB of memory, and more than 1.5 GB of hard drive space depending upon what optional components are installed. Maybe XP stands for eXtra Purchases.

Richard Heller is an independent computer specialist who specializes in repairs, installation, upgrades, technical support, Internet sharing, data recovery and diagnostics. If you have any computer or service-related questions, please send them to The Rock River Times or e-mail technorh@mindspring.com.

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