R.E.A.CH. says raise achievement, not taxes

R.E.A.CH. says raise achievement, not taxes


Rockford Educating All Children (R.E.A.CH.) urges taxpayers to defeat the upcoming District 205 referendum for the following reasons. This referendum:

l Raises taxes;

l Gives the school board permission to raise the tax rate above tax caps for the life of the bonds;

l To borrow $23 million is more expensive than paying refunds over a three-year period;

l Will increase the district’s debt less than 17 months after the voters and the state helped to eliminate $27 million of debt.

Our school board could save $15-18 million by eliminating court-ordered positions and programs, which would balance their budget and pay the refunds back without affecting the general education programs and personnel. This would help to eliminate the teacher shortage and help raise student achievement.

This is the district’s third referendum to ask for more money in less than 17 months.

We cannot forget that:

The district claimed that the November 2000 referendum wouldn’t raise taxes. They were wrong! Tax rate is being increased by 8 cents this spring!

The district will also receive more than $4 million in new taxes due to increasing home prices.

The former board created a six-year financial plan in January 2000, which would pay tax refunds over a three-year period using existing monies and by removing deficits.

Current board members brought back millions in cuts six days after the voters approved the April referendum.

The former board adopted a balanced budget policy in late summer, but the administration and new board don’t make the cuts and keep overspending.

The administration hired 50 additional employees over budget.

The new board approved the largest raise in recent history for administrators.

The new board already borrowed $55 million in January because they refuse to stop overspending and will pay millions in interest.

The new board is wasting millions of taxpayer dollars in interest and not focusing on education.

To donate money to help defeat the referendum, make your check payable to: Help Rockford Students & Taxpayers, c/o R.E.A.CH., P.O. Box 1505, Rockford, IL 61110.

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