R.E.A.CH. submits plan to school board

R.E.A.CH. submits plan to school board


R.E.A.CH. Board of Directors held a press conference on Monday, Aug. 5 to announce their proposals to the District 205 School Board. They request that the school board do the following:

A. Develop a 6-year education plan to improve education for all children.

B. Develop a 5-year facilities plan to repair and maintain our buildings and eliminate shortages on the east side for middle school and shortages on the west side for high school.

C. Create a redistricting committee with diverse community members.

D. Increase community representatives on District 205’s Education and Operations Committee.

E. To not place a referendum on the November 2002 ballot.

The Board of Directors also announced the R.E.A.CH. website—http://www.r-e-a-ch.org.

R.E.A.CH. asks the

District 205 School Board to:

Develop a 5-year Education plan, which will include the following;

1. Evaluate all programs in that 5-year time frame.

2. Communicate to the public the academic reforms for schools with low-achieving students.

3. Raise academic standards for participation in extra-curricular activities.

4. Create a summer school program for remedial studies.

5. Begin district-wide standardized testing of students in 1st grade.

6. Implement honors courses in middle school.

7. Implement weighted grades for honors classes in high school.

8. Establish objective criteria for admission into honors classes.

9. Begin district-wide testing for gifted program.

10. Have audit of Special Education.

11. Create alternative elementary and middle schools.

12. Evaluate magnet schools with diverse committee and create admission criteria for magnets.

13. Establish policy that explicitly states “No social promotion.”

14. Establish a meaningful discipline policy.

15. Have audit of Bilingual Transition Program.

Develop a 5-year facility plan,

which will include the following:

1. Evaluation by district and diverse community personnel (no consultants) on district’s buildings.

2. Develop priority list on repairs and communicate list to public.

3. Develop a preventative maintenance program.

4. Determine which schools will be closed for the 2003-04 school year.

5. Eliminate shortage of seats on east side for middle school.

6. Eliminate shortage of seats on the west side for high school.

Redistrict all of the

sub-districts and do the following:

1. Create a diverse community committee to form boundaries (no consultant).

2. Let Subdistricts D, E & F have four-year terms.

Change District 205

Education & Financial committees’ policy to include the following:

1. Each board member shall have a community representative on both of these committees.

2. Meeting notices and agendas for these committees should be on the web site at least 3 days prior to the meeting.

Top Ten Reasons To Vote “NO” if District 205 Places Referendum on Nov. ballot:

1. 23 schools are on the current state watch list, proving money doesn’t improve education.

2. All 7 board seats are up for re-election. which makes this a lame-duck board.

3. Assessed valuation of homes has increased, which results in additional $5 million to the district next year.

4. Social promotion scandal and test score scandal.

5. No audited financial data for this past school year, which ended June 30th.

6. No updated financial data for the current school year.

7. Current 58 cents referendum doesn’t expire until 12/03.

8. No academic programs including magnet schools have been evaluated to be educational and cost effective.

9. Loss of state funding if we have higher tax rate.

10. Lack of diverse community input on possible referendum.

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