Red Cross offers flood safety tips

The American Red Cross, Rock River Chapter, reminds families to use common safety sense in flooding areas. Flooded areas can be highly dangerous, and American Red Cross safety tips pinpoint ways to avoid potential dangers associated with major flooding.

Stay out of areas subject to flooding. Dips, low spots, canyons, washes, etc., can become filled with water.

If outdoors, climb to high ground and stay there.

If you come upon a flowing stream where water is above your ankles, stop, turn around, and go another way. Never try to walk, swim or drive through such swift water. Most flood fatalities are caused by people attempting to drive through water, or people playing in high water.

If you are in a vehicle and become surrounded by water, if you can get out safely, do so immediately and move to higher ground. Vehicles can be swept away in two feet of water.

Watch out for snakes in areas that were flooded. Flood waters flush snakes from their homes.

Stay away from creek and stream banks in flooded and recently flooded areas. The soaked banks often become unstable due to heavy rainfall and can suddenly give way, tossing you into rapidly moving water.

Never play around high water, storm drains, ditches, ravines or culverts. It is very easy to be swept away by fast moving water.

Red Cross will continue to monitor local flood conditions. For clean-up kits or more information on flooding, you can contact the American Red Cross, Rock River Chapter, at 815-963-8471. Internet users can access

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