Response to editorial: ‘Life will never be the same’

Response to editorial: ‘Life will never be the same’

By Mary A. High

Dear Mr. Schier:

I am writing in response to your editorial in which you make such outlandish statements, narrow-minded and simplistic views on the war with Iraq and our good President Bush.

As an American, I am ashamed of your words, and as an American, I have lost respect for people like you who are bitter and ignorant about world affairs and our country.

First, you state that most of our country is against the war, and that is not the truth. I just heard another survey on Channel 41 Fox Network TV in which 70 percent of the Americans support our president and the war against Saddam and the terrorists.

Apparently, you do not keep up with the polls of America or the good magazines such as Newsweek because if you did, you would know that you peace demonstrators are in the minority and that most have been paid to demonstrate by the enemies of our country.

Have you seen any documentary stories regarding the sick, evil Saddam Hussein? If you did, you would see how he has been torturing his own people, torturing babies and children to make their parents follow him, torturing women and anyone who opposes his views.

Have you read any books regarding Saddam Hussein and his evil ways by defectors or by good authors who have lived in the Middle East?

I have just finished watching a documentary story regarding the Iraqi Kurds who were bombed with Saddam’s chemicals, and they showed all the children who are grown up, the ones who lived through the bombing, with terrible burns and deformations, and how most of them die young, how the babies being born are deformed, and how the Kurds’ DNA has been damaged for many years to come, and your heart bleeds for Saddam? Shame on you.

There are many just wars that are fought, and yes, our Creator God gives HIS blessing to. How about our Revolutionary War? How about the Civil War? How about our World Wars? America freed a lot of countries of the dictatorship of the other evil one, Hitler! How dare you accuse our country of being imperialist!

We are Freedom Fighters and not dictators. We are believers in our good and holy Creator God, who founded America.

We are not a “rogue” people as you state in your editorial because you so-called peace demonstrators are the “rogue” people because you force our law enforcement agents to spend their time watching over your time-consuming demonstrations even after the war has begun, when they should be watching out for the evil terrorists.

You people are the ones who put Americans in harm’s way with your selfish and ignorant beliefs that you are the good people who want peace. What peace are you giving to those 70 percent of Americans who have been and are with the president? What peace have you selfish peace demonstrators given to our president and our leaders who are working hard to rid our world of the evil one, Saddam? Shame on all of you. You lost, and you still don’t give up.

There will never be peace, real peace, in our world as long as there are evil people like Saddam torturing and murdering innocent people! There will never be peace in this world as long as ignorance is alive. There will never be peace in this world until the world prays to their Creator God to teach them the truth.

You so-called peace demonstrators should be marching against evil in the world and not against our country and president.

And, another question for you, the peace mogul! If so many people are against the war, why then did you only get 160 people to come to your peace rally in Rockford?

Mary A. High is a retired school teacher.

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