Rev. Horton Heat’s show a hoot

Rev. Horton Heat’s show a hoot

By Marieke McClendon, Staff Writer

The Reverend Horton Heat was kind enough to give another audience a vision of Rock-a-billy heaven Friday, May 30, at Otto’s Niteclub in DeKalb. The Reverend, who wore a red suit adorned with flames, looked as if he’d been dressed by the devil himself. He was joined by “Jimbo” on stand-up bass and Scott Churilla on drums. Together they managed to thoroughly entertain a rowdy, yet appreciative audience of approximately 200.

The crowd greeted the trio from Texas with a deep uproar. All that could be seen from the audience was a field of hands waving furiously in admiration—most were gripping bottles of booze. Although the spectators had been sufficiently riled by the opening act (Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers), The Reverend’s show definitely brought upon a healthier response. A couple of mild altercations even occurred between some “enthusiastic” young men enjoying the show. These minor confrontations were promptly subdued, however. One should never expect a serene experience while attending a good Rock-a-billy show.

Something one should expect is a loud, steady, and (sometimes) raunchy rendition of rock ‘n’ roll. The Reverend Horton Heat’s sound was just that along with great showmanship and a bit of naughty attitude to spare. They performed an array of older and newer songs with precision while the Reverend periodically flashed a corrupt smile to the crowd during songs to assure them that he was enjoying himself.

Overall, a rambunctious and slightly indecent good time was shared by the lively audience and, hopefully, by The Reverend Horton Heat as well. It would have been a sin if they hadn’t.

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