RHS has new technology for breast cancer

Rockford Health System will perform almost 17,000 mammograms this year. Now the Department of Radiology has some new technology to help in detecting breast cancer at its earliest stages.

The new technology is called the ImageChecker (R) computer-aided detection (CAD) system. Computer-aided detection is used by an increasing number of radiologists as “a second pair of eyes” when reading a mammogram. The ImageChecker (R) system has the potential to detect findings that might otherwise be overlooked during the review process, thus increasing cancer detection. CAD technology is particularly effective in identifying calcifications, some of which can be cancerous. Clinical trials demonstrated that use of the ImageChecker (R) system could result in earlier detection of up to 23.4 percent of the cancers currently detected with screening mammography in those women who had a prior screening mammogram nine to 24 months earlier.

The way the new system works is the radiologist reviews the mammograms, then activates the ImageChecker (R) system display unit to review the low-resolution marked images on video display monitors. The radiologist may then review the original mammograms again, paying particular attention to any areas of the images designated by the markets and revise their interpretation, if necessary. The ImageChecker (R) system thus functions as an aid to radiologists in reviewing mammograms by calling attention to regions of interest that have features that may be associated with breast cancer.

The R2 Technology ImageChecker (R) is the first CAD system approved by the FDA and the only system approved for use with screening, diagnostic and digital mammography.

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