River District boat docks under way!

“The boat dock will be in by the end of April,” said Steve Lucas, owner of Rock River Enterprises and Barge, Inc., of the docks ordered by the River District that his company will install. The eight-boat dock will be located at the end of Mulberry Street, behind the Rockford Public Library and the Morrissey Building.

Kim Wheeler, executive director of the River District, said: “This dock is the result of about four years of fund-raising by a great group of volunteers. The River District is a determined organization and dedicated to the development of the riverfront and businesses in the downtown area. We don’t give up!

“There is also a Boat Dock Maintenance Fund at the Rockford Park District Foundation. The River District is also committed to raising monies for lifetime maintenance of this dock. I urge anyone who uses this dock in the future to contribute to this fund, especially since we are not going to be charging a fee to park your boat there,” Wheeler said.

The immediate need for donations is to put signage, light and banner poles on the boat dock. The cost of these features, which will truly make the dock outstanding, will be $3,000. We need your donations today. Remember to make your check out to the “Rockford Park District Foundation, River District Boat Dock Fund”—your contribution is fully tax deductible! Send your check to the Rockford Park District Foundation, 401 S. Main St., Rockford, IL 61101.

The basic cost of the dock was reduced from $48,000 to $19,000, and that money has been raised. The costs were reduced by reducing the size of the dock. Plus, Rock River Enterprises and Barge, Inc., donated the engineering fees and the concrete abutment. Also, the Park District donated the sidewalk and landscaping leading to the boat dock.

Thank you so much to all who have contributed: Community Foundation of Northern Illinois Grant, $1,500; River District LuLuau, $2,500; C&C Berman, $100; Thomas & Judy Mott, $500; Rock River Homeowners' Association, $1,250; Lloyd L. Koch, $50; Kay J. Mullins, $50; Neil J. Pontius, $50; Rockford Park District pledge, $3,000; an anonymous donation, $2,000; Jars in Bars Campaign, (estimated) $1,000; River District Red Ball, $2,100; and our largest contributor—Dr. Gautam Gupta, $4,500. Many thanks, again!

Thank you to the Jars in Bars participants: Curve Marine, Gaspo’s Auto Inn, The Irish Rose, J.R. Kortman’s, The Latham Tap, Maria’s, Mary’s Tavern, The Rock River Times, Times Lounge, Tom’s Tap, and The Water Street Cafe.

Major thanks also go to fundraisers Sally Bradley of Naples,Fla.; Sandy Kohn of Medicine Man; Mike Maurchie of Judge and Dolf; Jack Holt of Broadmoor Agency, Inc.; and Frank Turbyville of Contemporary Hammer Works.

Get ready to park your boat and walk only a few blocks to all the great businesses and public venues in the River District. Help us raise our banners high and light up the docks. We only need another $3,000; then, we go to work raising funds for another boat dock in the Waterside Building park for the east side of the River District.

Send in your donation to the Rockford Park District Foundation—today!

Contacts: Kim Wheeler, 964-6221, or Frank Schier, 964-9767.

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