Robberies force change at Heritage Credit UnionBy Joe Baker

Robberies force change at Heritage Credit UnionBy Joe Baker

By Joe Baker, Senior Editor

Gary MacDougal, chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, is calling on the Illinois Judicial Inquiry Board to investigate the legitimacy of campaign contributions to Lisa Madigan amounting to $50,000.

Madigan, daughter of Rep. Mike Madigan, Democratic Party chairman, is a candidate for Illinois Attorney General in the November election.

The contributions to her campaign were made by the sons of Cook County Judge Sheldon Harris. The Chicago Tribune reported the FBI had attempted to interview Harris.

“The FBI’s inquiry just adds to the questionable circumstances surrounding Judge Harris,” MacDougal said. “This situation just doesn’t pass the smell test. Neither Lisa Madigan, her father or the judge have been as forthcoming as the people of Illinois deserve—and their unwillingness to do so raises many questions. These donations raise serious questions about the ethical conduct of a current Cook County judge, and we believe the Judicial Inquiry Board needs to be alerted to this matter,” MacDougal added.

A Tribune investigation revealed the campaign donations were made before and after the judge received considerable help from the Democratic Party staff in a failed bid to win a full term on the bench.

MacDougal said the two sons are not registered voters, and neither has contributed to a political campaign in the past. MacDougal said one son is a heavy metal musician whose songs promote values at odds with Lisa Madigan’s beliefs.

The judge said his sons made the donations partly out of gratitude for the help Madigan gave him. He gave the Tribune documents showing his sons’ financial resources, but, the paper said, has not furnished documents showing the true contributor to the Madigan campaign or that no reimbursement took place, MacDougal said.

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