Rock River Poetry Contest winners

Rock River Poetry Contest winners

By Christine Swanberg , Author and Poet

The Rock River Poetry Contest VII is pleased to announce this year’s winners. The national winner is “The Trespass,” by J. Glenn Evans, and the Illinois winner is “Stitching,” by Allison Joseph. The national winner is awarded $100, and the Illinois winner is awarded $50. These poems will be published in The Rock River Times, this year’s sponsor of the Rock River Poetry Contest.

In addition, finalist poems have been selected to be published throughout the year in The Rock River Times: “The Abduction of June” and “The Jade Fish” by Carolyn Bailey; “The Un-Greening” by Ardith Blaa; “Plainsong,” by Tom Bruhn; “A Message to the United States” by Mary Bartlett Caskey; “Harvest” by Allison Joseph; “Raw” and Lampyridae” by Lisa Marie Lipipipatvong; “War Games in the Pool Hall” by Robert Mills; and “Life Portfolio” by Barbara Santucci.

About 200 poems were submitted from all around the United States. The finalist poems were judged anonmymously, poem by poem. A broad spectrum of poetic talent was submitted, and the competition was very tough. Many fine poems came close to making it into publication, and no poet should feel that not placing in this poetry contest is a commentary on the value of their work. We appreciate all the support, which makes possible the publication of these poems in a special Writer’s Garret in The Rock River Times.

The Writer’s Garret gives space to the poems selected in this year’s contest as well as helpful commentary and advice for writers in general. Look for it soon.

Thanks again to all the poets who helped make The Rock River Poetry Contest VII happen and for bringing poetry to Rockford via The Rock River Times. All rights revert to the author, though The Rock River Times would appreciate credit for first publication. May 2003 be a great year for you and your writing.

Frank Schier, Editor/Publisher of The Rock River Times and Sponsor of Rock River Poetry Contest VII.

Final Judge – Christine Swanberg, Rock River Poetry Contest Founder/Editor.

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