Rockford author provides biblical advice

Mary A. Whitfield explores insight on parenting

Author Mary A. Whitfield shares parenting advice from the ultimate parent, God, in her new book, Parenting in a Christian Perspective: What Every Parent Needs to Know (now available through AuthorHouse).

Based on scriptural passages, Parenting in a Christian Perspective offers tips for raising children taken directly from the Bible. This perspective is often missed in today’s society, Whitfield says, and she hopes to teach other parents the importance of raising children with Christian morals and faith in God.

Everyone has different views and opinions about proper parenting skills, but Whitfield says God’s word on parenting taken directly from the Bible is the most important one.

“He created us and knows everything we encounter in life and how to resolve every issue,” Whitfield says. “So why shouldn’t He know how to give us the ammunition we need in raising our children in the perspective of Him? … We can do everything in our finite little minds of what we feel is the right way to be a parent, but it always comes back to the maker, which is God, the ultimate parent of the whole universe. He will direct you in the way a parent should be. It is up to that individual to take heed of His word and direction for life as being a believer in Christ Jesus, our Lord.”

This inspirational guide includes information about the importance of teaching children about Jesus, the role of father figures and the value of encouraging children and avoiding angry parenting. The book also guides parents in finding their own way to Jesus and Christianity as a first step in raising children.

Whitfield was born in Tunica, Miss., but she has lived in Rockford for the past 25 years. She is the mother of two sets of twins and another son. She has been married to her husband, Charlie, for 14 years. Parenting in a Christian Perspective is her first book.

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from the June 13-19, 2007, issue

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