Rockford Cosmopolitan Club funds mobile diabetes program

Rockford Cosmopolitan Club funds mobile diabetes program


The Rockford Cosmopolitan Club, in partnership with Crusader Clinic, announced plans to support a mobile diabetes van that will be used to provide diabetes testing and education at locations throughout the community.

The 104-member club made a commitment to support the cost of the mobile van as a way to enhance diabetes awareness. On average, a person will have diabetes for seven years before knowing that they have the disease. Early detection is important to prevent complications and offer treatment options. A Crusader Clinic Diabetic Educator will offer diabetes testing at community events, churches, homeless shelters, small businesses, etc.

Duncan Geddes, chair, Rockford Cosmopolitan Club Charities, noted, “We are looking forward to this project as a tangible way for our club to get involved. This increased commitment to Crusader Clinic will identify people who don’t know that they have diabetes.”

In 1994, the club initiated support for the Crusader Clinic/Cosmopolitan Diabetes Program when the club recognized the needs of diabetic patients at Crusader Clinic. The clinic was serving a large number of patients with diabetes, many with limited incomes and unable to pay for treatment, i.e., insulin, monitors, test strips. The Rockford Cosmopolitan Club invited the Mid-States Cosmopolitan Clubs and the Cosmopolitan Diabetes Foundation to support the cost of diabetes education, awareness and treatment for Crusader diabetic patients in need. To date, the Cosmopolitans have provided $115,800.

“We’re all searching for a cure, but until a cure is found, we need to help those who have diabetes, and Crusader Clinic provides that help to those in need,” noted Dick Brynteson, Rockford Cosmopolitan Club member.

The Crusader Clinic/Cosmopolitan Diabetes Program has become known as a “Center of Excellence for Diabetic Care” with a caseload of 1,486 diabetic patients, a 67% increase since 1999. The program provides comprehensive services for diabetics including medical visits to better manage diabetes, diabetes patient education and consultation by certified diabetic educators, nutrition consultation, optical, podiatry and dental services as well as assistance with medications and diabetes support groups. Call 490-1600.

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