Rockford Mass Transit District to pay tribute to Rosa Parks

StoryImage( ‘/Images/Story//Auto-img-113338395913275.jpg’, ‘Photo courtesy of’, ‘Rosa Parks fingerprinted Dec. 1, 1955: Rosa Parks thought: “‘Things were not right here. Maybe if people just didn’t go along with it anymore. Maybe if everyone just stuck together. Something had to happen." She saw a red-faced cop moving toward her, but little did she care. The only thing Rosa Parks thought about was the boy, Emmett Till, the black boy visiting from Chicago, murdered for whistling at a white woman.’);

The Rockford Mass Transit District will pay tribute to Rosa Parks Thursday, Dec. 1. To recognize the day and honor Parks’ memory, RMTD will give every passenger riding Dec. 1, a rose-embossed chocolate coin, a flier memorializing Rosa Parks and a free ride. RMTD will also reserve and dedicate the first seat on every bus in Parks’ honor.

Dec. 1, 2005, marks the 50th anniversary of Rosa Parks’ act of defiance in refusing to give up her seat and move to the back of the bus for a white man in segregated Montgomery, Ala., in 1955. Her refusal to give up her seat set in motion a year-long bus boycott in Montgomery, and this single act, as many would say, was the birth of the Civil Rights movement in our country. Rosa Parks, or the “Mother of the Civil Rights Movement,” passed away in October of this year at age 92. To honor her act of courage, RMTD, along with many other transit properties throughout the country, has chosen to recognize Dec. 1, 2005, as Rosa Parks Day.

Rockford Mass Transit operates service from 5:15 a.m. until 11:15 p.m., Monday through Friday. Thursday, Dec. 1, all bus routes, including Rockford Paratransit services, throughout all hours of operation, will offer free rides. Each passenger will receive a chocolate coin and flier commemorating Rosa Parks. RMTD staff will also be on hand to answer any questions for passengers who may not be familiar with Rosa Parks and her contribution to history.

RMTD provides more than 1.5 million rides each year. The District has a fleet of 64 fixed route and Paratransit vehicles, and offers 18 hours of service Monday through Friday, 13 hours of service on Saturdays, and eight hours on Sundays. RMTD also provides service to Loves Park and Machesney Park.

From the Nov. 30-Dec. 6, 2005, issue

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