Rockford native releases book for the workplace

EVANSTON—Rockford Guilford graduate Craig Wortmann has presented to Fortune 200 companies about the power of story for years and now, with a published book to document his message, What’s Your Story? Using Stories to Ignite Performance and Be More Successful, Wortmann is taking his message to the masses.

In What’s Your Story?, author, entrepreneur and master storyteller Wortmann demonstrates the powerful impact stories have on three of the most common performance challenges—leadership, strategic selling and motivation.

Wortmann said: “My goal for What’s Your Story? is to help leaders effectively communicate the things that really matter—vision, mission, ethical behavior, teamwork and commitment—so that people will embrace the message and take action.”

Stories go beyond technological “bits and bullets” of PowerPoint, e-mails and Blackberry messages to connect to people and leave a memorable impact.

Wortmann added: “While the technique of telling stories is as ancient as culture, it’s as cutting-edge as you can get in today’s complex environment. Stories are the one form of communication that rise above the din of our information-saturated environment and deliver messages in a way that connects with people, bringing ideas to life and making them actionable and memorable.“

Leaders at all levels learn how to use the toolset developed in this book—the Win Book, Story Matrix, and Story Coach—to capture and tell the right stories, and the right time to inspire their own performance and those around them. Through a rich mix of stories, illustrations, quotations, tools and examples, Wortmann guides you through the process of uncovering and telling YOUR stories.

Craig Wortmann is president and CEO of WisdomTools. Founded in 1999, WisdomTools designs, develops and publishes story-based Scenarios software for Fortune 200 organizations and top-tier business schools. As an executive, consultant, coach and speaker, Wortmann focuses on how leaders use stories to link a company’s strategic direction with their people’s actions and motivations. Wortmann is a nationally sought after speaker on leadership, selling and entrepreneurship. He resides in Evanston, Ill., with his wife and two children. Craig was Born and raised in Rockford, where his parents, Dr. and Mrs. Donald Wortmann, reside.

From the Oct. 25-31, 2006, issue

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