Rockford’s K-Patrol hopes to give CD single to troops in Iraq

In an effort to support American troops overseas in Iraq, one Rockford rapper hopes to send a gift of sympathy through free music.

Kirk Pryor, who performs as K-Patrol, and his wife, Flora Cousins, hope to send copies of K-Patrol’s CD to troops overseas.

The CD, Disfunctional Nation, was aimed at boosting morale among troops. It echoed the grievances of many American families and soldiers over the war.

According to music writer Lisa Palmeno, the plan was developed by then Rockford Mayor Doug Scott and a U.S. Air Force sergeant. They had hoped to send 150,000 to 200,000 copies of the CD to troops overseas through donations.

The plan was put on hold because some lyrics negatively portrayed President George W. Bush around election time. With the election long past, Pryor and Cousins hope to go ahead with the project.

The CD features Pryor’s “America,” a rap song that uses excerpts from the original “America the Beautiful.” The CD has been a prelude to the upcoming The Truth and Nothing But, K-Patrol’s full-length CD.

From the June 14-20, 2006, issue

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