Rockton area reacts to County Board vote

What were they thinking?

What were they thinking? Who knows! The Village Board voted “no” to recommending to the County Board that they deny a special use permit for the Cannell subdivision. I’m afraid that this special use permit will open up a can of worms that is better left sealed. This special use permit could end up costing village residents millions of dollars for water and sewer to property outside of the village limits. This subdivision has already created a lot of controversy because of water runoff, contaminated ground and the potential for overcrowding of area schools. Village residents BEWARE! And be aware the next time you vote for village leaders.

Thank You.

Rich & Linda Blunck,


What should be done about Cannell/Puri planned community?

It should be said again, we are not against development. If this were a good development, we, the neighbors, would be happy and for it. If this were a good plan, and it fit in our neighborhood, it would be great. Then, we wouldn’t have a problem now or in the future. It would be done, and everyone would be pleased.

But we were allowed no input. It was all based on how much money they could make.

So, what’s the problem? It just doesn’t fit! The sludge contamination is the worst problem.

The test Mr. Cannell has taken showed the same heavy metals (only in safe limits) that are in our well. His test was four holes at 12 inches deep. Does this make his land safe? Hardly! There is a lot to look at below 12 inches and on 123 acres. By digging basements, roads and drain fields, etc., he will be pulling all that’s contaminated back to the surface. This contaminated soil will be blown around by the wind, and everyone will get to breathe it again.

At least two people in the area are already sick, and others are showing signs of illness. One has heavy metals in her body, and the other had tumors in her lungs and will have to deal with it for the rest of her life. Is this right?

Think about it! Is it really worth the millions Cannell says he is going to make on this development? For once, let’s do it right.

There are many more issues to discuss, but think about this one for now. It really is a matter of great importance.

Do you know how toxic waste is disposed of? Is it spread on larger areas to the point where it won’t hurt you? How much do you want in your yard?

Be a good citizen and take your fair share because we have more than we need.

Thank you.

Donald J. Stien


Heavy metal contamination and West Nile virus

As a member of the Rockton Township Board and the cemetery committee, I received a letter from Larry Swacina, director, Environmental Health Division of the Winnebago County Health Department. The cemetery was directed to bore holes in the bottom of bronze urns or tip them over when mowing to remove stagnant water harboring mosquito larvae. His final comment was, “Your cooperation in helping to eliminate this potential breeding site is greatly appreciated.” Mr. Swacina, do you realize that we have an 800-acre swamp less than a mile away called Nygren Wetlands?

Mr. Swacina, where were you when we asked for your help in determining whether the heavy metal contamination on the Cannell/Puri Development would affect the residents of the 112 homes planned for this 124-acre development? We are still waiting for an independent evaluation of this situation from your department.

This development sailed through the Winnebago County Board on a skid greased with the money from the developers and the lawyers. The development plan is flawed for many, many reasons, which the Winnebago County Board chose to ignore.

Dean G. Mohring

Rockton Township Trustee

Appalled by County Board vote

I was in attendance at the June 8 County Board meeting where a special use permit for a planned community development for Dyn Cannell/Sunil Puri to be located northwest of Rockton was approved by a 19-4 vote.

In spite of a 5-0 vote by the Zoning Board of Appeals to deny this request, in spite of major health and environmental concerns, and in spite of a strong statement against this proposal by both of the local area County Board members and Rockton Township officials, most County Board members chose to totally disregard the wishes of area residents.

I am appalled at the arrogance of people who do not live here but think they know what is best for us.

It is time County Board members stop playing God and listen to the voices of the Board members who live in and represent the people of the affected area under discussion.

Marilyn Mohring

Rockton, Ill.

From the June 21-27, 2006, issue

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