Rockton trustee calls for decertifying TRRT

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Dennis Meade, village trustee, wants to discuss ‘decertification of The Rock River Times as a legitimate news source’

Dennis Meade, Village of Rockton trustee, has a reputation among his peers for speaking his mind. However, Meade was at a loss for words Dec. 30 to explain why he placed what many would consider an odd item on the agenda for the next meeting of the village trustees.

Jan. 4, Meade is scheduled to discuss in the Administrative Committee the “decertification of The Rock River Times as a legitimate news source.”

Decertifying the newspaper would disqualify the business from being eligible to publish village legal notices. Newspapers derive a large portion of their income from the publication of such legal notices and advertisements. However, state statute determines which publications are eligible to publish legal notices and advertisements for the public, not local governmental agencies.

When contacted last week, Meade refused to answer questions whether the proposal is connected to an article in the Dec. 21-27 issue of The Rock River Times concerning Meade and Village Attorney Paul Nicolosi.

In that article, Meade was quoted as saying the Village was considering hiring an in-house attorney rather than continuing to outsource that responsibility to Nicolosi and his law firm, Nicolosi and Associates, P.C. Meade said the discussion of that topic at the Dec. 19 Village meeting was an effort to possibly save money, not that he was “mad” at Nicolosi.

The Rock River Times has published numerous articles during the last seven months that detailed Nicolosi’s business partners, law firm associates and political campaign contributions.

Meade refused to be recorded for accuracy during the Dec. 30 telephone interview.

Asked why he placed the topic on the agenda, Meade responded: “You’ll probably want to come to the meeting.”

He then refused to answer further questions.

Asked whether he spoke with Nicolosi about the item, Meade said: “I have no comment.”

He then hung up the telephone.

A message for comment was left Dec. 30 on Nicolosi’s voice mail. However, he did not return the message by time of publication.

The day before the agenda was sent to media Dec. 29, Nicolosi expressed dissatisfaction in several e-mail correspondences with the accuracy of various news articles that concerned him and his business associates. He also took umbrage with the “tone” of the questions and comments.

In a Dec. 28 e-mail, Nicolosi warned: “They [management at The Rock River Times] are likely to learn about my position more formally in short order.”

Exactly what Nicolosi meant by this statement was not known by time of publication.

Meade’s proposal is not expected to be seriously considered by his fellow trustees.

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