Rocky Horror Picture Show encore at Jubilee

The cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, truly the party show of the past three decades, will be shown at the Jubilee Theatre at the Clock Tower Resort at midnight May 29 and June 5.

The Jubilee Theatre screened the movie four Saturdays last season, and its success has merited an encore presentation.

The film (starring Tim Currey, Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon) failed when first released in the 1970s, but quickly achieved its cult status when midnight screenings of the movie were shown in New York and in San Francisco. Soon legions of fans were dressing up as their favorite characters, bringing props, and acting out scenes in the aisles as well as in front of the screen. The dance, “The Time Warp,” was done in the aisles, and responses were developed to the screen dialogue, and the rest is motion picture history. Today, at least 157,000 Web sites are centered on Rocky Horror, and the madness continues as more and more “virgins” (first-time attendees) are introduced to this phenomenon.

Tickets to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show are $15. Those planning to attend are urged to purchase seats early due to the limited seating.

“Showing Rocky Horror is unusual for a live performance house, but we’re looking forward to hosting this party show again,” said Jubilee Producer Don Grant Zellmer. “It’s really a unique experience. We did this last season, and we keep getting requests to bring it back—so here it is!”

When the Jubilee Theatre screened the movie last year, among those attending were an entire wedding party—complete with bride and groom—who had gotten married that morning. “At first, we thought they were in costume,” said Zellmer, “but it turns out it was the real deal.”

While most of the props are approved for use, the theater will not allow super soaker water guns, open flames or large amounts of rice.

To make reservations, call the Jubilee Theatre at (815) 229-4033.

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