Rosecrance zoning laid over

Rosecrance zoning laid over

By Shellie Berg

By Shellie Berg

Staff Reporter

At Rockford City Council chambers Dec. 19, the city’s Zoning Board of Appeals laid over a vote that plays a factor in determining the fate of Rosecrance’s relocation to Rote and Lyford roads. The next meeting will take place in mid-January.

The ZBA took that action so members could examine documents from land use planners, environmental experts and appraisers.

The proposed center, which is presently at North Alpine Road, would consist of 55,000 square feet and double the amount of beds from 30 to 60.

Concerned residents from the proposed site area gathered in council chambers to see what direction the vote would go. Many worry that Rosecrance would create problems in the area.

“They’re concerned about property values; they’re concerned about safety,” Rosecrance CEO/President Phil Eaton said. “I think the fears that they state and express are contrary to real experience. Rosecrance has a track record.”

Eaton noted residents at the present facility on North Alpine maintain there is no history of problems from the center.

The ZBA acquired a letter from Jan Stalter, the director of daycare at Christ United Methodist Church, 4509 Highcrest. The church is located 150 feet from Rosecrance’s property line. “There have been no problems with the proximity,” Stalter states. “It has been a great relationship for each.”

David Sharp lives nearby the proposed location and thinks that Rosecrance isn’t considering the best interests of the residents and its own patients.

He said patients might wander off Rosecrance’s property and visit a neighboring home for help. “They may be great kids or not-so-great kids,” Sharp said.

He asserted that residents are not opposed to Rosecrance; they are opposed to Rosecrance wanting to place its facility in a residential-zoned area.

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