RVC faculty votes ‘no confidence’

The following is a copy of the “no confidence” motion that was passed by Rock Valley College (RVC) faculty Aug. 29. The motion passed by a vote of 95-11 with 24 absent and two illegible ballots that were not counted:

No confidence motion against RVC President Roland Chapdelaine

Principal charges:

1. Failure to maintain continuity of administrative and financial management of the college.

2. Failure to communicate accurate, complete, and timely information to the public and college employees.

3. Failure to protect the integrity and fiscal solvency of the college.

Detailed charges:

1. Failure to meet deadlines and extensions for reporting financial data to the Illinois Community College Board resulting in unprecedented downgraded recognition status for the college.

2. Failure to meet deadlines mandated in the Illinois Compiled Statutes for publishing financial statements in the local print media during the past three years.

3. Failure to provide sustainable fiscal policy resulting in substantial erosion of college monetary reserves and incursion of substantial long-term debt. This has culminated with cutbacks and impending layoffs.

4. Failure to provide the public and college employees with accurate information regarding college fiscal status, in particular ongoing deficit spending.

5. Failure to operate the college with a qualified chief financial officer for a period of at least two years.

6. Failure to hold tuition and fee costs to current levels despite the high local unemployment and financial difficulties among students.

7. Failure to increase numbers of full-time faculty with climbing student enrollments, while reallocating considerable resources to increasing administrative and other services not directly serving students.

8. Failure to sustain employee morale and self-esteem to the extent that classrooms are now being impacted.

9. Failure to provide or sustain previous levels of student employment at the college.

10. Failure to maintain efficient administrative infrastructure to ensure the day-to-day as well as long-term operation of the college.

11. Failure to stabilize the college management by reorganizing the college four times in the past five years.

12. Failure to allow open and free discourse among employees without fear of retribution.

13. Failure to refrain from providing political contributions to local candidates using college funds (reimbursed later only after investigations revealed them).

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