San Francisco march demands WTC inquiry

San Francisco march demands WTC inquiry

By Joe Baker

By Joe Baker

Senior editor

On January 8th people began to gather in Justin Herman Plaza in San Franciso. They came from all parts of the Bay Area and some were there from Japan. The occasion was a march to demand answers to a number of questions about the WTC attacks.

The small but vocal group proceeded to the offices of Senator Dianne Feinstein. Nine members of the group, with a police escort, presented their identification, got security clearance, and went up to see the senator’s staff.

The organizer of the march, Carol Brouillet, observed: “The 9-11 disaster has been used to justify a ‘War on Terrorism’ which endangers the lives and liberties of millions of people everywhere. The U.S. bombing of Afghanistan has killed thousands of civilians; millions of Afghans have been displaced and face starvation this winter.

“The administration has condoned massive Israeli assaults on Palestine, and threatens to attack Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, and other countries. Recent legislation is an attack on constitutionally guaranteed civil liberties, especially those of immigrants and people of color.

“The laws are mirrored in other countries which are outlawing dissent and increasing political repression. The administration has institutionalized racial profiling and is secretly rounding up thousands of Arab Americans and other people of Middle Eastern background.

“At the same time, it is giving billions to the military, offering huge bailouts and tax incentives to corporations and the wealthy, while ignoring the hundreds of thousands of laid off workers, and cutting social services.

“This appears to be part of a long-range strategy to turn the clock back on the hard earned gains of the civil rights, womens’ and environmental movements, to consolidate U.S. global domination, and to serve the interests of transnational corporations.”

While the delegation met with Senator Feinstein’s staff the remainder of the group passed out leaflets and discussed the issues among themselves.

The delegation outlined many of its concerns, such as: why weren’t the hijacked planes intercepted? How can the U.S. declare a war on terrorism when terrorism has been the keystone of U.S. foreign policy for decades and we continue to fund, train and arm terrorists? Who profited from all the stock transactions just before the attacks; stocks in American and United airlines?

Some of the other questions were: who created, trained and financed the al Qaeda network? What is the relationship between bin Laden, his family, the Bush family and the Carlyle Group? What is the U.S. relationship with Pakistan, and especially with its intelligence service, the ISI? Why is the evidence being destroyed when an investigation of the World Trade Center collapse is needed?

Brouillet said she asked why Sen. Feinstein and most other senators were going along with Bush and raising no questions. She asked if they were afraid or if they really believe what he said. She was told Feinstein believes in Bush and holds a “different worldview” than the protestors.

Kevin Danaher, public education director of Global Exchange, said that on his speaking tours numerous people have asked these questions. He said people want to know and deserve to know the truth.

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