Saving the children

It was another day of pain. She had to keep the curtains closed to shut out the stabbing light. The house had to be silent throughout to minimize the shock of someone talking downstairs. The headaches were especially intense this time, and nothing seemed to help. Some adults might be expected to cope with this, but what if the victim is your child? What if this story describes your son or daughter, whose experience of life so far is full of helplessness and pain? Do we want to train our children to expect a bleak future?

One parent of a 10-year-old boy did not accept the doctor’s statement that “nothing can be done” about his scoliosis. She took her son to someone who corrected the underlying problem, and everything straightened out. In this case, it was an upper cervical chiropractor. Dental surgeon and professor of physiology, Dr. Norman Thomas, of the University of Alberta reminds the health care professional that, “our utmost priority should be the health and well-being of our patients.” Dr. Thomas recommends that his patients who suffer with TMJ syndrome also be checked by an upper cervical chiropractor to be sure the neck is properly aligned.

Upper cervical chiropractic focuses on delicately correcting misalignment of the atlas, the first bone in the neck. When the atlas is out of position, it causes the muscle system to distort. This can be seen in one leg going shorter than the other, and sometimes hip and shoulder twisting and unlevelling. Since the atlas is surrounding the brain stem, it can also cause headaches and functional problems anywhere in the body.

Dr. George Bakris, M.D., states that the atlas, unlike other vertebrae, relies solely on soft tissue to maintain its position. That makes it uniquely vulnerable to displacement. Dr. Bakris, of Rush Medical Center, was the lead author in a study of how upper cervical chiropractic using the NUCCA procedure can help blood pressure.

Now that we know so many different conditions can be caused by a misaligned atlas, let’s give our children a chance at a better life. Have them checked for a misaligned atlas!

Dr. Philip Schalow is owner of 1st Step Chiropractic, Rockford’s only upper cervical chiropractic center specializing in the NUCCA procedure. Call 815-398-4500 to find out if your family can be helped with the NUCCA procedure.

from the April 4-10, 2007, issue

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