Say ‘No’ to Amerock plan

Now is a great time to join the River District, so you can take your stand on the current proposal for the Amerock building.

A special River District members-only meeting will be held 4-6 p.m.,Tuesday, May 27, at Memorial Hall, to discuss the Amerock project with developer Tim Dixon and city of Rockford Community Development Director Jim Caruso.

Those who wish to attend are requested to RSVP to Executive Director Kim Wheeler by phone at 964-6221; or by fax at 963-8716; or by e-mail or by mail to 127 N. Wyman St., P.O. Box 4331, Rockford, IL 61110.

Those wishing to join and attend the meeting can join at the River District office for $35 for a single membership, $100 for a business, $150 for a supporter or $250 or more for a partner.

Please speak out against this project. Vote “No!”

Simply put, low-income housing is totally inappropriate for the Amerock property. That riverfront property is the keystone on our most visible and visited asset, Davis Park.

Such a project is a disservice to businesses that have struggled, persevered, and heavily invested in creating a vibrant downtown. Low-income housing diminished our commitment and creativity, and the accompanying lack of disposable income will do anything but provide the level of business we need from market-rate housing. Once this project is in, will other investors want to invest in the River District and have their dollars and hard work devalued? No.

Sadly, when the River District Board initially endorsed this project in 2001, the developer led us to believe his project was market-rate housing. We were ecstatic and supportive. Now our River District membership cannot help but feel like bait and switch victims because of poor communication and lack of solicited input.

The over-concentration in the River District of social service agencies and housing is unfair and discriminatory. We are not N.I.M.B.Y.s. Our backyard is full. The location of social services should be an equal opportunity for all sections of the city.

We do not appreciate our representatives treating us this way, nor do we want our state tax dollar spent to our disadvantage. We pay the taxes, and officials who are stewards of our money must follow our wishes.

Speak to our representatives. Be at the meeting. Voice your opinion in person or by correspondence to the following decision makers who control the money and the process:

l Director of Illinois Housing Development Kelly King Dibble, 401 North Michigan Ave., Suite 900, Chicago, IL 60611, #312/836-5200 #312/832-2175

l Director of Tax Credits Charlotte Flickinger, 401 North Michigan Ave., Suite 900, Chicago, IL 60611, #312/836-5240 #312/832-2175,

l Mayor Doug Scott, 425 East State Street, 61104 #815/987-5590 #815/967-6952

l City of Rockford Director of Community Development Jim Caruso, 425 E. State Street, Rockford, IL 61104, #815/987-5600 #815/967-6933,

l Alderman Robert Greene, 2148 Shaw Woods Drive, 61104, #815/877-4678 l Alderman Pat Curran, 641 Paris Avenue, 61107, #815/398-7504

l Alderman Doug Mark, 1526 Harlem Blvd. 61103, #815/962-2058 #815/966-0189

l Alderman David Johnson, 3174 Springlake Drive, 61114, #815/654-7790 l Alderman Victory Bell, 1516 Harding Street, 61102, #815/963-1075 #815/968-1640

l Alderman Leonard Jacobson, 3724 Lookout Drive, 61109, #815/874-9299 l Alderman Dick Goral, 1108 N. Rockton Ave., 61103, #815/964-0686,

l Alderman Nancy Johnson, 2008 Colorado Avenue, 61108, #815/226-0673

l Alderman Bill Timm, 1711 Carney Ave., 61103, #815/962-7592 l Alderman Franklin Beach, 2916 Greenwood Ave., 61107, #815/962-7592 #815/874-7212

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l Alderman Jeff Holt, 1805 S. 5th Street, 61104, #815/399-3737

l Alderman John Beck, 2004 Cumberland, 61103, #815/961-1954 #815/968-7467

l Alderman Linda McNeely, 2419 West State Street, 6110, #815/987-9978 l Alderman Daniel Conness, 5605 Newburg Road, 61108, #815/397-2236 #815/231-7155

l Representative Chuck Jefferson, 200 South Wyman Street, 61101, #815/987-7433 #815/987-7225

l Representative Dave Winters, 3444 N. Main Street, 61103, #815/282-0083 #815/282-0085

l Senator Brad Burzynski, 200 South Wyman Street, 61101, #815/987-7557 #815/987-7529

l Senator Dave Syverson, 200 South Wyman Street, 61101, #815/987-7555 #815/987-7563

l River District Executive Director Kimberly Wheeler, 127 N. Wyman Street, 61101 #815/964-6221 #963-8716

l River District President Sarah Skorija 130 N. Wyman Street, 61101, #815/621-6156

l Chamber of Commerce/Council 100, c/o Ryan Petty, 515 North Court, 61103, #815/987-8100 #815/987-8122

l Governor Rod Blagojevich, 207 State House, Springfield, IL 62706, #217/782-0244 #217/524-4049,

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