Sept. 26 meeting kicks off St. Pat's planning

It’s not yet winter, and some of us are already thinking of spring. Not just spring, but March, famous for the foreshadowing of Caesar’s death and for coming in like a lion and leaving like a lamb, or vice versa.

Oh yes, and then there’s St Patrick’s Day. March 17, a day that honors the man who brought Christianity to Ireland and responsible in folklore for chasing all the snakes from the Emerald Isle.

For most of us, it means swilling pints of Guinness and good crai’c (Irish for good time). In Rockford, this requires a lot of work from a few people. The St. Pat’s Day party and parade is a 28-year-old tradition that requires extensive planning and footwork from the Irish Marching Societies (IMS) board members and volunteers.

It’s time to get your Irish up! This year, the party is brewing to be the best (the17th falls on a Saturday!). With all the planning and work ahead, the planning process is getting started earlier this year. The IMS is searching for a titanic venue capable of holding the after-parade party and are planning a membership meeting for 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 26, at the Verdi Club.

The group will discuss the options and ideas for next year’s St. Pat’s parade and party. IMS membership is open to all nationalities.

From the Sept. 20-26, 2006, issue

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