September gardening tips

September gardening tips


Fall is for planting—trees, shrubs, bulbs, grass seed, mums, pansies, and the list goes on. The cooler temperatures and more plentiful rainfall make fall a wonderful time to plant. An added benefit to fall planting is that it gives you a head start for next spring. Plants that are planted in the fall will be all settled in and ready to grow when the ground thaws and temperatures warm up next spring.

Your local garden centers will have all kinds of great fall items to add color and interest to your garden. Hardy chrysanthemums, winter hardy pansies (bloom in the fall and again the following spring), shrubs, trees and a whole lot more, are available! The Illinois Certified Nursery Professional (ICN Pro) at your garden center can help you find a perfect pansy, or a marvelous mum to add a spot of fall color to your garden!

l September is a great month to plant a tree! Strategically placed trees can help reduce energy costs as well as add value to the property. The Illinois Certified Nursery Professional (ICN Pro) at your local garden center will be able to help you choose the tree that fits your site, as well as advise you on where to plant it.

l Bulbs will be arriving at your local garden center in September. There are many different kinds of bulbs—old favorites like tulips, hyacinth, daffodils and crocus, and naturalizing bulbs like anemone, snowdrop, snowflake, glory-of-the-snow, and so many more! Your ICN Pro will be able to help you decide which bulbs will do best in your site and will also be able to help you figure out which end of the bulb is up!

l Fall is also a good time to treat for weeds in your lawn. Broadleaf weeds can be sprayed once temperatures begin to decline. Fertilizer may also be applied depending on the condition of your lawn. It is a good idea to get advice from a professional at your local garden center before making lawn applications, to avoid unnecessary applications.

l Plant grass seed. Whether you just have a few patches to fill in, or if you want to re-do your entire yard, or do a new yard, September is the month to do it. Looking for a disease-resistant, drought-resistant turf? Try using a fescue blend rather than bluegrass.

l If you’ve been feeding your plants, like water lilies or roses, September is the month to stop. It is a good idea to stop feeding them now so that they will harden off before winter begins.

l If you have trouble with compaction in your lawn, your lawn may benefit from core aeration. For more information on core aeration and how it can benefit your lawn, check with the ICN Pro at your garden center.

l September is the month to hang out your bird feeders again (that is, if you don’t feed through the summer months). Be sure that your feeders are clean to prevent spreading diseases to your fine feathered friends.

l Mums will be showing their full glory in September. When you plant your fall mums, be sure to mulch around them. The mulch will help to insulate them when the cold winter months come around. The ICN Pro at your garden center will be happy to help you choose a site to plant your new mums and give you helpful hints on how to care for them.

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