Serenity pillows now at Northern Pacific Whole Food Markets

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Organic and ergonomic pillows provide better sleep than traditional and memory foam varieties.

Serenity Pillows, makers of the more pliable and healthy alternative to synthetic foam, announce that their Shambho and Rejuvenation Pillows are now available in 26 Whole Foods Markets in Northern California, Oregon and Washington.

“Whole Foods recognizes the quality Serenity Pillows offers its customers,” says Serenity Pillows president Savi Ermini. “And I’m thrilled to be able to offer my pillows at the No. 1 chain for the conscious, green consumer.”

Patented designs using discrete, interactive, adjustable fillings and pure, natural and organic materials distinguish these pillows as both ergonomic and organic, making them a natural fit for the stores, which sell a large variety of healthy lifestyle products as well as fresh and organic foodstuffs.

“With people barely getting enough sleep each night, it’s important to provide a pillow that maximizes every minute spent in bed,” says Ermini. “Unlike conventional pillows that are made to fit your bed—standard, king, and queen—Serenity Pillows are made to fit your head.”

Serenity Pillows have a top and bottom. The bottom chamber is filled with organic hulls, either buckwheat or millet, which keep the head elevated, molding effortlessly to one’s contours for a custom-fit feel. The top is filled with pure, luxurious Eco Wool to cushion the face and ear. A zipper access to either chamber allows easy adjustment of both pillow height and degree of firmness.

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From the Jan. 3-9, 2007, issue

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