Shake, Rattle, & Roll!—the ’50s return to Jubilee

A multitude of ‘50s shows attract those who grew up in that era and a new generation discovering the music of their parents. Shake, Rattle, & Roll! fills the bill. Every song and dance that played on Bandstand is a part of Jubilee’s current show.

Don Zellmer, Jacob Bailey, Philip Masterton, Luciana, Carm Cavallaro Rongere, and Katy Morehouse capably recreate the familiar vocals of the stars of the Elvis years. Bailey has made tremendous growth as a singer and dancer. Those beginning their careers often are so involved with technique that their body and facial language are not a part of the performance. Bailey projects joy in what he does. We feel he is having a great time.

Morehouse and Luciana also add a special zest to the evening. Singularly and with a group, they display a talent for interpreting a lyric. Rongere’s strength is dance. Her years of experience, apparent in every member, contribute much to the show. Working with the cast, she has choreographed well. Even those with less experience move like veterans. The group numbers are smooth, involving every nuance of rock and roll.

Zellmer and Masterson are the more experienced of the troupe professionally. Zellmer’s decor in the theater and glitzy set are definitely Las Vegas. His technique involving audience participation is another Vegas approach. It works. Striving to develop an audience at Jubilee is a full-time job, and Zellmer is determined. His ’50s shows have been the most successful. His wide background in theater has prepared him for many musical theater productions. Upcoming for the summer is Social Security, a comedy that explores the trials of elderly parents in residence with their kids.

Jubilee’s shows run Friday and Saturday with some special matinees. They also provide performances especially for children. For more details and ticket information, call the box office at (815) 229-4033.

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