Shed extra pounds this summer with TEAM-15

You can shed weight this summer slowly, steadily and safely with a support team. TEAM-15 is about reaching optimal health. TEAM-15 (Together Each Achieves More) teaches you about healthy eating, exercise and building self-esteem. Losing weight on TEAM-15 with trained coaching can give you the following health benefits: increased energy, decrease in blood pressure, blood sugar and insulin levels can drop, triglycerides can drop, HDL can rise, diabetes risk can drop by one-half, decreased sleep apnea, joints easier to move, decrease your risk of heart disease, decreased acid reflux, decrease stress, increase self-esteem, and clothes fit better.

Start a safe weight-loss plan for 10 weeks as part of TEAM-15 with an assigned buddy and coaching staff to guide you to feel better and healthier. A summer session starts July 7 at a local area restaurant with a TEAM-15 special menu. Become a TEAM-15 member by calling 222-5687.

From the June 29-July 5, 2005, issue

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