Sheriff candidate voices concerns

Sheriff candidate voices concerns

By Joe Baker, Senior Editor

Elton Self, Democratic candidate for sheriff of Jo Daviess County, says he is concerned about the state of law enforcement in that county.

Self said he thinks too many deputies are off duty at one time, thereby reducing the number of patrols on county roads. He also notes the sheriff’s department budget is approaching $2 million. “The (present) sheriff has a history of going over budget,” he said. Self said the incumbent sheriff just notified the Jo Daviess County board that he lacks enough money to pay his staff for the past several weeks’ work.

“We need to have realistic budgets and attempt to live within those budgets,” Self said.

Self said that not long ago, an agent of the federal Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agency was quoted in newspapers as saying there were more than 50 arsons in the Stockton area and a very low number of arrests in connection with those incidents.

“There is the (Dennis) Broushous case and other mysterious and unsolved deaths and controversial cases such as the death of Ed Crowley (in 1998). He and I worked together. He burned up in a squad car. There are some things about that investigation,” Self said.

He also mentioned a case near Menominee where a young man supposedly jumped from a bridge and died. “There was a rush to call it suicide,” Self said.

“The numerous arsons, murders and unsolved cases are a concern I have,” he added. “I have gone door-to-door in the county in the course of this campaign, and there’s a lot of mistrust of our sheriff’s department. There’s a feeling that the deputies are less than professional. One of the things I would like to do is establish respect for the sheriff’s department,” Self said.

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