Shopping with the Lulas: Downtown Shoes & Boutique features shoes, suits, hats, wigs, jewelry, ties

You know how we Lulas just love shoes—all shapes, sizes and colors. Well, we found the “nirvana-shoe-shopping-heaven” known as Downtown Shoes & Boutique at 202 N. Main St., near the corner of Main and Mulberry near Memorial Hall.

If you thirst for something different, it’s a watering hole oasis in the desert. But don’t think they just carry shoes, which is what I thought. Shoes are just the beginning of the precious gems this store has to offer. The list of items goes like this: Suits, hats, wigs, jewelry, ties, socks, pantyhose, boots and on and on.

Downtown Shoes & Boutique has been a mainstay in the downtown Rockford area for 17 years. Dorothy Hill bought the business when it was formerly Drisscoll’s Bootery. She recalls working for the Drisscolls for many years, and decided to keep the business downtown when she took over as owner.

This store was a great find for me since, of course, I love shoes (what woman doesn’t?), but also because they carry extended sizes for both men (from size 7 to 15) and women (from size 6 to 13) and wide width, no doubt. I can finally find shoes for my mamma (she’s a big foot kinda gal)!

I have had many people ask me where they can get wigs—nice wigs, not the Halloween type. Well, this is the place. This store has a nice selection from short to long and dark to light. You can have a new look every day.

Downtown Shoes & Boutique is reasonably priced for a store that carries such a variety of quality items. The prices range anywhere from $3 for pantyhose, to $225 for women’s suits, which are gorgeous.

Speaking of gorgeous, I adore the red feather and rhinestone hat, and must have the sparkling rhinestone necklace. Next time I go to the ball, I am going to visit Dorothy. All you ball queens, prom divas and homecoming debutantes must stop in and see the collection of sparkling accessories. This little shop packs a big wallop when it comes to class.

Not to let the guys feel left out, there are suits, ties, shoes, boots and hats, hats and more hats (fedoras galore). Suits to suit your size (from 38 to 60), and everything in between.

Don’t be fooled by the location; this is an elegant and classy establishment that is a major find, if you are a shoe or hat connoisseur.

Take the trip downtown to 202 N. Main St., say hey to Dorothy, and find a new look for the new year that is totally you. Downtown Shoes & Boutique’s hours are Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Info: 962-1381.

So, Dahlin‘s, until next time, charge it!—Lula Mae Cobb

Luan Dean and Lauretta Rundgren are co-owners of Lula’s Vintage Boutique in downtown Rockford. Those of you who have visited our store on State Street know that we, “The Lulas” or “Lula Mae Cobb” (stands for Crazy Old Broad) as we call ourselves, are connoisseurs of vintage finery for men and women. You also know that we love to shop and are the self-proclaimed “Shopping Divas of Rockford.” For those of you we have yet to meet, what are you waiting for? Since being a true “Lula” is all about finding the best deal and the most unique items, we’ve decided that you, our dear readers, were ready for us to share some of the best-kept shopping secrets in Rockford and the surrounding area. So sit back, put on your best rose-colored glasses, enjoy the ride, and go “Shopping with the Lulas.”

From the Jan. 11-17, 2006, issue

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