Silent Treatment, Model One at Kryptonite

Silent Treatment, Model One at Kryptonite

By Molly Fleming, Staff Writer

Kryptonite has yet again nabbed some of the best acts in rock ‘n’ roll this weekend, featuring Chicago’s own The Silent Treatment and local group, Model One on Saturday, June 21.

The Silent Treatment might be familiar to readers from last year’s On The Waterfront Festival, as well as a few Rockford gigs in the past. As almost half the band are Rockford natives, or at least have spent much of their life here in town, it should be of public interest to check them out and see where our boys are headed. Kris Murphy (bass/back-up vocals), Greg Calvert (vocals), Brian Ulery (drums), Chris Schach(guitar) and Andy Schach (piano) blend emo, indie-rock, punk and extremely melodic technique to create their own mix. You can hear a hint of Dick-For-Short in their work, which is natural since a few of the members of The Silent Treatment founded that group back in the ‘90s, but moved to the city, and to bigger and better things.

Adding piano to the instrumental lineup puts a new dimension into the whole sound, and makes The Treatment stick out a little further than other Midwestern rock groups, especially since Schach is classically trained, and it shows. He exhibits a great deal of control and taste, while keeping up with the dark and somewhat pensive feel of the group behind him. Although I wouldn’t brand the group with titles like “emo” or “indie-rock,” as their sound is not as dull and tragic as all that, those forms are easily recognizable in the sound with more wit and clever musicianship.

The Silent Treatment has made a good name for themselves in the Chicago scene, playing venues like The Double Door, The Metro, and The Fireside Bowl. They signed to Lucid Records, under which they are releasing a new album After Ours which should be available at Kryptonite as long as everything runs smoothly, and if not, the release date is set for this August. Their previous record, Foreword, received air play by college and commercial stations, including WLUW, WONC and 94.7 (The Zone.) Welcome The Silent Treatment back to Rockford, and be sure to come early for Model One.

Unfortunately, this reviewer didn’t get access to Model One’s CD until far past the copy deadline: the good word says that they’re one of the best original college rock groups around. The rumor generally holds true in the music scene, so check em’ out. The show starts at 10 p.m. with a $5 cover charge and includes a set by Giant Step. For information, call 965-0931.

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