Sinking road solution elusive

Sinking road solution elusive

By Joe Baker

By Joe Baker

Senior Editor

Winnebago County officails still have that sinking feeling.

The promised “fix” for problems with the Springfield-Harrison Avenue extension still has not materialized. Despite numerous test borings and several meetings, the answer to settlement of the roadbed continues to elude officials.

John Wegmeyer, project engineer at the Dixon district office of the Illinois Department of Transportation, has joined with Winnebago County Highway Engineer Joe Vanderwerff in pointing the finger at Rockford Blacktop Construction Co., the contractor on the road project.

Wegmeyer said IDOT has concluded there is a problem with compaction of the fill in an embankment built to carry the road.

He said he has contacted Rockford Blacktop for its recommendations on how to fix the collapse of a portion of the roadbed which occurred several weeks ago. Rockford Blacktop dumped many truckloads of gravel in the hole which opened up, but it continued to settle.

Previously, Wegmeyer reported the county had employed an independent consultant to develop a solution to the problem. He said he received a letter from that consultant with his findings.

Wegmeyer said Rockford Blacktop has hired Patrick Engineering of suburban Chicago to do an analysis of the project and make recommendations on how to rectify the difficulties.

He said the Chicago consultants would take about two weeks to do their study and then would report to Rockford Blacktop. After that point, Wegmeyer said, RBT would contact him and a meeting would be set up with RBT, the county and himself.

Sue Grans, spokeswoman for Blacktop, said: “We’re not going to make any comment until the rest of the story is known.” She said the intervening holidays have delayed the consultant’s report. “I don’t think it would take this long any other time of the year,” she said.

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