Soda blaster to help fight graffiti

The Rockford Park District recently obtained a soda blaster to help combat graffiti in the parks and facilities.

Mark Rohrer, supervisor of parks, said: “It’s just like a sand blaster, only that it shoots soda instead of sand, so it’s not as aggressive as the sand. They are used in body shops to fine tune body work and the like.”

Rohrer said the unit doesn’t require water, and the clean-up is minimal. “The main problem we run into is once the parks close up for the winter and we get graffiti in the parks, we can’t sand blast the graffiti because our water source is turned off in the park. With this, we can blast with soda and don’t need water to clean up,” he said.

“It’s another tool in the fight against graffiti,” he added.

For more information, call the Park District at (815) 987-8800 (TTY, 963-3323).

From the June 7-13, 2006, issue

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