Spanish-language GED testing deadline in December

Illinois adults working toward their GED certificates by taking the Spanish-language GED Test have until Dec. 31, 2003, to successfully complete the current version of the Spanish-language GED Test. The GED Testing Service in Washington, D.C., will introduce new Spanish-language tests Jan. 1, 2004, to replace the current edition. Any GED candidate who has not successfully completed the Spanish-language GED Tests by that time must start again with the 2004 Series GED Tests to qualify for an Illinois High School Equivalency Certificate. Scores from the current test cannot be converted to scores on the new tests. The English-language GED Tests were introduced nationally on Jan. 1, 2002.

People who have begun testing in Spanish, but have not passed all five tests, must do so as soon as possible to earn the scores needed to qualify them for a certificate before the December 2003 cut-off date. Those not passing all five tests must begin testing again in January 2004 with the new Spanish-language GED Tests. Interest in completing the requirements to obtain a GED by the deadline has increased, and opportunities for testing may be limited during the remainder of 2003.

The new Spanish-language GED Tests will be a direct translation of the English-language GED Tests and will continue to measure the significant and lasting outcomes of a four-year high school course of study in English Language Arts, social studies, science and mathematics.

The tests incorporate the most current, widely used curriculum standards and standardized assessment practices available. Graduating high school seniors will continue to set the benchmark by which passing scores are set. By reflecting the changing needs of society, the GED Tests retain their value to the individual and to educational, business and trade organizations as an authoritative measure of high school-level skills and knowledge for students who do not complete traditional high school coursework.

Information: (815) 636-3030.

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