Special Letter to the Editor: Charles H. Clyburn says, ‘Goodbye’ to Rockford

Special Letter to the Editor: Charles H. Clyburn says, ‘Goodbye’ to Rockford


Dear Editor:

What’s so good about “goodbye”?

I am reminded about that song as I have had to say those words to so many people recently. On or about October 15th, I will be relocating to the state of Maryland after spending 28 years of my life in Rockford. There are many folks who have touched my life in a positive way, making it difficult to list all of them and to thank them for their contributions. I guess that is why publisher Frank asked me to write this personal letter. Maybe because he should know he is one. But I cannot and will not try to list them individually for fear I may leave someone off the list, but I trust you all know who you are.

I have to give special recognition to the EBONE COMMUNITY THEATRE (ECT) family for all the special memories we have shared together. You all had better keep this good thing going—you owe it to the community. And to all those who have supported the work of ECT—we need you now, more than ever!

Thank you all for the wisdom, guidance, inspiration, and tolerance of my sometimes “out of the box” ideas. After all, we are but two ships passing each other in this journey of life, but my hope is that whatever experience we have shared, it was good for you, too.

For those folks that may be mad at me for whatever reason, please try to get over it. Life is truly too short.

I have tried to live by my father’s advice, when he told me—“Son, whatever in life you do—try to be a member of the construction gang and not the wrecking crew!”

Thanx for the memories. My e-mail address will remain the same at clyburncharles@hotmail.com.

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